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Calls for a return to the centre are only felt by a misguided elite

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The nation’s favourite former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, this week took a well-earned rest from cashing in on his premiership and speculated that his former party was beyond rescuing from the neo-Marxist cult that now runs it. Such observations from a man who won three elections as Labour leader inevitably … Read More

Britain can’t handle the cold

9 months ago / 0 comments

This week, immovable object meets irresistible force in what’s sure to be the meteorological event of the millennium. There’s no undercard required to get our pulses racing for this one. Finally, The Beast from the East tussles it out with – the more modestly named – Storm Emma. But who … Read More

Employed and in Poverty – Britain’s New Underbelly

1 year ago / 0 comments

Stephen Armstrong, an investigative journalist, published his book ‘The New Poverty’ this year, in an attempt to document a troubling new trend in Britain: in-work poverty. The Gryphon spoke to him last week as he visisted Sheffield to talk about those who are in employed, yet in poverty in Britain. … Read More

My Week as a Muslim

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Tyler Denyer reviews the new and controversial documentary on Channel 4 that has had the whole country talking.   With Halloween passing and cultural appropriation becoming a strong controversial topic again, Channel 4 have put themselves in the spotlight with their new documentary My Week as a Muslim. Katie, a … Read More

Why I think Brexit is terrifying

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In the future, I imagine, historians will spend long hours and thousands of pages debating the exact events leading up to and following the 23rd of June 2016, so let me set something down for the record. The only reason we’re in this mess is David Cameron’s incompetence and colossal … Read More

50 Shades of confusion – Article 50

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Following the Brexit judgement last June, there has been much speculation surrounding the mechanics of the UK exiting the European Union and the impact this will have on UK business. Even now, over sixth months after the EU referendum, the UK’s exit strategy is unclear and the media confusion surrounding … Read More

“The solution is choosing to stay in Europe and seek reform from there onwards”

3 years ago / 1 comments

The pressing question on the political landscape in Britain today is, without doubt, that of Europe. The trouble is there’s no easy answer to this question. But with that being said, it is clear that Britain is better off staying in the European Union. A victory for the ‘stay’ campaign … Read More

Has multiculturalism failed in Britain?

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The tragic events that have occurred in the last few weeks in Paris and across the world have brought back into sharp relief the problem of multiculturalism and integration. This is hardly a new issue in British society: ever since the end of the Second World War the UK has … Read More

Review: Is Britain Racist?

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‘Now, I’m not racist, but…’ is a phrase we’ve all heard and, more often than not, it’s followed by a spot of light racism. ‘I’ve got black friends’ is also a fan favourite. Many Brits don’t consider themselves racist, but has society shaped our brains in racist ways without us … Read More

Features | Sea-ing the light: Why the English Seaside is the Best Place on Earth

4 years ago / 0 comments

For a long time, I’ve trusted in the mantra that if you take a plane somewhere, than that holiday is going to be better than the place you were originally. This is particularly true of England, what with it having unpredictable and uninspiring weather, and not much of a ‘holiday … Read More