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Budget Breakdown: What’s in it For Us?

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This week saw Chancellor Philip Hammond’s hotly-anticipated budget announcements, in a speech including uncomfortable jokes about cough sweets and Top Gear. The main focus of the budget revolved around housing, duties and transport. For example, white cider fans will be unhappy to note that duty on such drinks will be increased … Read More

Will the New Budget Solve Our Debt Problems?

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Last week, news broke that the Chancellor was looking at ways to fill a black hole of nearly £20bn in the public finances before the budget later this month. Recent analysis shows that the deficit is likely to rise to nearly £36bn in the next four years, double the forecast … Read More

Should We Really Be Scared of Student Debt?

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Following a report from the Institute of Fiscal Studies earlier this year, it was revealed that over 70% of students who left University in 2016 are expected never to repay their student loans in full. These figures suggest that future university graduates will be in a similar position: saddled with … Read More

Businesses you can (dis)count on as a fresher

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…because the more you save the more you can rave 😉 You spent £30 too much on VK’s last night, never mind what you spent on taxis and entry. You’d really like a huge pizza to sort out the hangover, or even just some toast, but your flat hasn’t managed … Read More

Spend a penny, save a pound! – A guide to food shopping for freshers.

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Whilst Freshers’ week can cost you a pretty penny purchasing tickets for the best events in town, it’s also a good time to start saving and becoming a little savvy when spending your student loan…Here at the Gryphon, we’ve got some tips on how you can make the most of … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Upcycle your way to a fashion forward, budget boosting New Year

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It can be tough being a fabulous fashionista. We are constantly invited by wonderful window displays to spend money we don’t have on funky fabrics and glitzy garments. How can we possibly keep up with the latest trends whilst still being able to afford our next meal? Introducing the alternative … Read More

Campus Watch: A new £115 million diabetes research centre will be opened at Oxford University

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A new diabetes research centre is to be opened at Oxford University by Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. The company’s £115m investment and their promise of 10 years of continued funding comes in spite of Brexit and the many “uncertainties” the vote has produced. Novo Nordisk has been a specialist … Read More

The art of budgeting : Travelling

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(Photo from : crohnsandcolitis.org) As students it’s more than likely your time away from university is going to be spent travelling in some way, may it be around the country, around Europe or around the world. However with a weak pound and constant rising prices squeezing our budgets even tighter it … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: 5 Must-Have Coats Under £50!

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This autumn style and warmth doesn’t need to cost more than your weekly budget… in fact, although we’ve selected the top 5 coats for you, there’s so many more it’s pretty much a perfect excuse to stop working and start internet shopping. The Puffa Jacket For £25.99, this sassy red … Read More

The Art of Budgeting: Lunch

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Photo from (Lexis Nexis Being a student is all about mastering the delicate art of scrimping and saving and doing just about anything to avoid reaching that dreaded overdraft limit. This is certainly not always easy! If you’ve just left home, it is likely that budgeting for things like food … Read More