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Leeds: Capital of Culture 2023?

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Undaunted by Brexit, an independent group has launched Leeds’ momentous bid for the European title. The Independent Steering Group has launched Leeds’ bid to become a European Capital of Culture by calling upon organisations and individuals to come together to submit their ideas to showcase the best of Leeds. “In … Read More

Thousands march through Leeds in anti-Trump rally

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Protesters gathered at Dortmund Square on Monday evening, in an ad-hoc merging of protests organised by Stand Up to Racism and Momentum. Though the two had stated different reasons for their protests, the emotions on display were intense, despite that the UK Government has had only a week of relations … Read More

Campus Watch: Union bans right-wing tabloids citing “fascist” tendencies

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Last week, students at City University of London voted to ban selling The Sun, Daily Mail and Express in a motion titled “opposing fascism and social divisiveness in the UK”. The motion reflects a surge in censorship at British universities, and gives some credence to the claim that “the fascists … Read More

Fatal traffic collision on Kirkstall Road

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West Yorkshire Police are appealing for witnesses after a cyclist was killed and a driver seriously injured in a road traffic incident last night on Kirkstall Road nearby the Cardigan Fields retail park. The 33-year-old male cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics shortly after the collision. The … Read More

‘Tent City’ protesters leave Central Village

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Protest group Tent City has left Central Village residence following an eviction order from the University. Volunteers and homeless people from the campaign group began leaving on Tuesday after five days camping on land outside the student halls. Activists from Leeds Voice for the Homeless started arriving at Central Village last Thursday. A University source … Read More

‘Tent city’ campaigners reach agreement with council

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Homelessness protesters are given semi-permanent space after being moved from Park Square. Campaigners from the Leeds Homelessness Partnership have reached an agreement in court with Leeds City Council for a stay of six weeks for their camp. Over the last month the camp has seen tent numbers stretch into double … Read More

‘End of an era’ as Fab Café relocates

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Fab Café has announced that it will close after 14 years in business. The alternative rock bar on Woodhouse Lane opened in 2001, although recent development works mean the business will be moving to a new location in the city centre. Director Mike Royce said the business took an ‘amicable’ … Read More

News | Student assaulted in City Centre

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A student has been assaulted while on a night out in Leeds City Centre. The attack took place at approximately 12:45am on Saturday opposite the White Rose Leeds Met campus. It is thought police chased the assailant away from the scene. The attacker was apprehended by a police officer shortly … Read More

Blogs | A Wee Trip To Glasgow

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I decided to take a little weekend trip to Glasgow for the weekend. My brother and friend (who goes to the art school) both live there, so I had the perfect excuse. I had been to Glasgow once before but I don’t really remember much apart from drinking neat whiskey, … Read More

LS Sport meets Anthony Clavane

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25.01.13 Leeds born author and journalist Anthony Clavane speaks to Hugo Greenhalgh about the history of Leeds, its football club and its Jewish community… For those who haven’t heard of Anthony Clavane, the two events that sandwich my interview with him sum him up perfectly. The night before he had … Read More