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Are Guns and Illegal Substances The Real Issues Facing America?

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“64,070 people were killed by drug overdoses” Ask anyone about violence or death in the USA, and instinctively most people will begin to discuss gun crime. However, there is an even bigger problem sweeping the country which is receiving far less public attention – drugs overdosing. A massive 91 Americans … Read More

Fish on Drugs: The Effect of Chemicals in our Water

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Over the past few decades the use of pharmaceuticals has increased dramatically, enabling a 10-year rise in the average life expectancy of the United Kingdom over the last 50 years.  However, we rarely consider the other implications of such use outside our own wellbeing. Studies suggest that when we consume … Read More

Police warn of deadly drugs in Leeds

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West Yorkshire Police have issued a warning over a potentially lethal strain of heroin discovered in the Leeds area. A batch of the illegal Class-A opiate reported to police could be strong enough to kill. Police are telling drug users to dispose of any heroine purchased recently to avoid fatalities. … Read More

Shining light onto the Shadow Economy

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(Photo from: blog.policyng.com) Net exports, investment, entrepreneurship, taxation, the housing market, the oil industry; all concepts which regularly feature in our newspapers headlines! However, despite having an estimated value of almost $10 trillion and employing half the workers of the world, business activities ranging from the likes of prostitution to babysitting … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Glam Drugs and Human Handbags: How Far is Too far in Fashion?

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The question of ethical boundaries and where we draw the line is one that is constantly being asked within the fashion industry. But as the industry becomes more competitive and there is an emphasised need to stand out, to make headlines, to provoke reactions, brands seem increasingly willing to push … Read More

Athletes on the Defence over Drug Allegations

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2016 seems to have been a revealing year for drug scandals in the sporting world. From Lance Armstrong’s prolonged cheating, to the exposure of the Russian Olympic squad, will athletes ever learn to stay clean? In the final months of 2015, Tyson Fury became the third man to beat Ukrainian, … Read More

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

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ON the face of it, a Russian sports star failing a drugs test shouldn’t really be headline news. But all the assembled sporting media were shocked by the admission from Maria Sharapova that at this year’s Australian Open, she had failed a drugs test for meldonium, a drug she had been … Read More

Decriminalisation: The Future of Drug Policy?

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This week, the Houses of Parliament have debated the legalisation of cannabis after receiving an online petition with over 220,000 signatures whilst a leaked report from the Treasury stated that legalising cannabis could bring in millions of pounds in tax. The Gryphon examines the issues with current UK drug policy … Read More

Breaking Bad style drugs gang sentenced

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A group of 10 Leeds Beckett University students were sentenced at Leeds Crown Court on Monday for their roles in importing and selling illegal drugs from abroad. Liam Reynolds, 21, the group ringleader, was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for conspiracy to import and supply LSD, cannabis and ecstasy, as … Read More

The Modafinil Diaries: an anonymous account of the concentration drug

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This exam period you might find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to scramble to complete as the hour of your exam looms ever closer. The Gryphon talked to an anonymous student about Modafinil, the study drug which aims to help you stay focused on your work. … Read More