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Spice up your life: A Nationwide Hysteria?

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You’ve probably seen the photos – people zonked off on Spice in zombified states, slumped on benches all over the News. More importantly, your parents have seen it – and they’re asking questions. An 11 year-old boy was hospitalised in May, after a cigarette he was given was spiked with … Read More

A Personal Account of Drug Use and Mental Health

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I was aware that drug use permeated British university culture before I moved here. Conversations with friends and pop culture gave me the impression that casual substance use was expected, if not the norm among students. Leeds, I knew, was a “good night out” (wink wink). I had tried ecstasy … Read More

Phillip Morris’ U-Turn: Big Cigarette Manufacturer Urges Smokers to Quit

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With a packet of 20 Marlboro Gold in the UK setting you back at around £11, it may seem surprising that Philip Morris has plans to stop selling here. The parent company of Marlboro, Philip Morris, has taken a controversial stance on smoking in the UK. Marlboro is known for … Read More

Middle-Class Drug Use: Violent Crime or Stigmatisation?

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Home Secretary Sajid Javid is responding to a rise in violent crime on the streets of London by attempting to tackle middle-class drug use. He’s launched a major review of the issue that will focus on use amongst professionals. These statements haven’t been formed into any specific legislation yet. Authorities … Read More

Ariana Grande is Not to Blame for Mac Miller’s Death

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On the 7th September 2018, Malcolm McCormick, known to fans as ‘Mac Miller’, was found dead due to a suspected drug overdose. Promptly after his death, millions of online tributes started flooding in from friends, family and fans alike who were mourning the rapper’s untimely death. Many of the tributes, … Read More

The Forgotten Victims of the “War on Drugs”

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D-Day is upon us and the Government is failing to win its war on drugs. As with wars fought in the psychical sense, the war on drugs is a sad tale of death and defeat. Promoting the false reality that the prohibition of drugs is working, the Government contends that its … Read More

A Hard Pill to Swallow

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For many students, the end of September means just one thing: Freshers’ Week. Like Gatsby, students are lost in the euphoria of alcohol and independence, and sexual promiscuity has transitioned from frowned upon to normalised. You are an adult now, you live by yourself and this new found freedom means … Read More

Are Guns and Illegal Substances The Real Issues Facing America?

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“64,070 people were killed by drug overdoses” Ask anyone about violence or death in the USA, and instinctively most people will begin to discuss gun crime. However, there is an even bigger problem sweeping the country which is receiving far less public attention – drugs overdosing. A massive 91 Americans … Read More

Fish on Drugs: The Effect of Chemicals in our Water

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Over the past few decades the use of pharmaceuticals has increased dramatically, enabling a 10-year rise in the average life expectancy of the United Kingdom over the last 50 years.  However, we rarely consider the other implications of such use outside our own wellbeing. Studies suggest that when we consume … Read More

Police warn of deadly drugs in Leeds

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West Yorkshire Police have issued a warning over a potentially lethal strain of heroin discovered in the Leeds area. A batch of the illegal Class-A opiate reported to police could be strong enough to kill. Police are telling drug users to dispose of any heroine purchased recently to avoid fatalities. … Read More