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As Things Finally Start to Look Up for the Democrats, a Constitutional Showdown Looms

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The midterm elections have come and gone, and what was once a political side-show marked by comically low voter turnout has been recast as a battle for America’s future, and, crucially, a referendum on the presidency of Donald Trump. Democratic-leaning voters were galvanised by President Trump’s slew of unending scandals, … Read More

Union Leadership Race 2018

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So, here we are again. Take a trip to uni and you will have seen the banners hung as far as the eye can see. Even living all the way in Spain, I can’t scroll your timeline without seeing a million and one new campaign videos. It can only mean … Read More

Theresa May got us into this election mess. Now let her muddle through it.

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These election results are a shambolic mess. It has cost us £130 million and didn’t give the increased majority the Conservatives predicted, but more importantly, the UK now has an illegitimate government in both numerical terms and in light of the Tories’ thoughtless gamble on the social and political stability … Read More

Leeds UKIP candidate supports NHS privatisation

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Leeds Central UKIP candidate Bill Palfreman has expressed his support for privatising the NHS at a hustings organised by Open Rights Group, Amnesty International, and Global Justice Now. Speaking first to the public in relation to cyber security and attacks on the NHS, Palfreman said “I don’t know if anyone remembers … Read More

Reactions to Corbyn

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There’s a lot to be said for breaking out of the echo chamber. With this in mind, I accepted a friend’s suggestion of seeing Jeremy Corbyn’s much publicised visit to the Brundell Social Club on Monday. While it didn’t win me over (which in fairness to the man was a … Read More

Jeremy Corbyn attracts colossal crowd in Leeds

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This afternoon, Jeremy Corbyn spoke to a huge crowd in Leeds outside Brudenell Social Club. Despite the rain and very short notice, thousands of spectators turned up to see him speak, with some even climbing in trees to get a better view. He was originally scheduled to speak inside Brudenell Social … Read More

Underdog ousts Bouattia to clinch NUS presidency

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Shakira Martin took 56% of the three way vote yesterday and will now replace divisive one term president Malia Bouattia. Shakira Martin, aged 28, won the battle to represent students across the country  after  campaigning on a promise to heal a fractured student body. She pitched herself as the centrist … Read More

Trump’s New America, The Reality of the Election Result

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This week’s episode of Panorama focused on answering the question on all our minds: who voted for Trump? The sheer power of the media in influencing public opinion is astounding. The news is omnipresent; headlines, articles and interviews loom over our heads and infiltrate virtually every area of society. One … Read More

Losing more than an election

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It’s becoming clear that Hillary Clinton won’t be remembered as a faithful public servant who fought nobly on behalf of her party. Democrats are now commiserating the unfair defeat of Bernie Sanders, rather than Hillary. It seems that in the light of her defeat, the sentiment among many of her … Read More

Turncoat Trump backtracks on headline policies

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He has yet to officially begin his presidency, but President-Elect Donald Trump has already reached nearly a dozen U-turns on policy promises that featured prominently in his campaign. His pledges were controversial, but granted his campaign the support of voters who thought that only the most radical of changes from … Read More