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Re-vive: The Small Stall Waging the War Against Food Waste

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Every Tuesday during term time, you’ll find a small stall with a big vision operating downstairs in the ‘Market Square’ of Leeds University Union, selling fruit and veg on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis. You’d be forgiven for thinking the stall was just another external company offering freebies to … Read More

Waging the War on Food Waste

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It’s that time of year again. No, not Christmas, it’s World Food Day! October 16th marks the celebration of food and he sexy topic of how to reduce food waste. While it’s become trendy to tackle waste in general – whether that’s proudly standing your reusable Chilly’s bottle next to … Read More

Appreciate your food: looking into waste and sustainability

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Bethany Pownall calls for action against food waste, a growing problem in the UK. Food waste is an underestimated issue of our generation that desperately needs to be tackled. WRAP, a waste and recycling advisory body, estimates that the UK wastes around 10 million tonnes of food each year, which … Read More

The Real Junk Food Project faces Prosecution over out of date food

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The founder of Leeds-based food charity The Real Junk Food Project is facing prosecution, after trading officials found the organisation to be selling food past it’s sell by date. On 11th April, officials found that 444 items which the charity had deemed fit for sale were a cumulative total of … Read More

The Real Junk Food Project: “We rattle cages, we piss people off, but we do it because we believe it’s the right thing to do”

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As part of last week’s Leeds Creatives event, The Gryphon editor Jessica Murray sat down with headline speaker Adam Smith, founder of The Real Junk Food Project, to discuss how far the organisation has come in the last twelve months. The Real Junk Food Project have had an extremely busy … Read More

New app lets you buy leftover restaurant food

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The Gryphon speaks to Leeds grads Chris Wilson and Jamie Crummie about their quest to tackle the country’s food waste problem through their new app, Too Good to Go, that allows you to buy restaurants’ food at a fraction of the normal price. Over one million people in the UK … Read More

Waste not, want not – LUU breaches its policy on food waste

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In light of recent investigations into the Union’s food policy, The Gryphon examines what appears to be a haphazard approach to preventing waste and what goes on behind the scenes in some of its busiest catering outlets. The Easter holidays may be a break for some, but the Union has … Read More

We need action against supermarket food waste

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Food wastage in the UK is a growing problem and part of a greater global pandemic. In the UK alone last year there was 15 million tonnes of food wasted by supermarkets, industry and consumers at the cost of an eye-watering £5bn. The supermarket chain Tesco’s alone wasted 30,000 tonnes … Read More

Refectory food waste revealed

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The Refectory has wasted nearly £50 worth of food every day for eight months, this newspaper can reveal. According to figures from a Freedom of Information request submitted by this newspaper, more than £11,000 worth of food may have been wasted over this period. In correspondence, the University also revealed … Read More