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Is The Far-Right in Germany Quite Far Off?

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With the rise of the far right in recent German elections, the British press has been able to once again indulge its fascination with the far right. They are, simply put, better villains than mainstream politicians, a lunatic fringe who make infinitely better copy than Germany’s traditionally bland, technocratic Christian … Read More

Should We Be Wary Of The German Right?

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On Wednesday 7th November, Alice Weidel, the leader of the second most popular political party in Germany, was expected to arrive in the city of Oxford and deliver a speech at the Oxford University Union. However, Wednesday came and went and Alice Weidel never got on the plane. Why? Weidel … Read More

A 94-Year-Old Man Is On Trial: Justified?

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On the 6th November, former Nazi guard, Johann Rehbogen, went on trial for his complicity in the murder of hundreds of people in Stutthof Camp, Poland. This is not the first trial of its kind: the Third Reich left a bloody mark on history. On the surface, this is an … Read More

A German Tragedy: What Will Merkel’s Legacy Be?

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It has been thirteen years since Merkel’s first chancellorship began, and in that time, she has established herself as one of the greatest Chancellors in post-war Germany. Commanding the same respect endowed to the CDU party’s predecessors, notably Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, the symbolic post-Nazi Germany statesman, and Helmut Kohl, who … Read More

Is Merkel Finished?

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After almost 13 years as Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel has finally lost credibility as leader. According to a poll by ZDF television, 56 per cent of Germans think Merkel should now step down from her long-held leadership role. On 14th October, the sister party of Merkel’s CDU, the CSU, … Read More

The mental health of NHS workers is in jeopardy: the Conservative government should learn from Germany about how to treat doctors and nurses properly

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It’s no secret that the NHS is in crisis. Chronically underfunded by the current Conservative administration, in 2017 NHS Funding stated that it would need £30 billion to plug the funding gap. The response of Simon Stevens, CEO of NHS England, was to provide a measly sum of £8 billion. … Read More

Job prospects across the Channel – are languages the future?

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In an increasingly globalised and competitive job market, what can students do to help them stand out within a sea of applicants for a limited number of jobs? The answer: learn a foreign language. With this in mind, I travelled to Germany in July to complete a four-week course in … Read More

Deutschland 83: A promising start

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The UK’s ongoing love affair with foreign, and more specifically European, dramas is a much talked about phenomenon; programmes like Borgen and The Bridge have become huge critical successes, with many articles devoted to this trend. The usual home of this has been BBC Four, but now Channel 4 are … Read More

Germany: a model for energy in the future?

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Germany is moving away from nuclear and fossil fuels as an energy resource and are moving towards a more renewable future. Renewables now make up 27% of the energy for Germany’s electricity. This has been rising at an unprecedented rate, especially when compared with other European countries, as the last … Read More

Sport | Germany realise considerable promise

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Germany won the World Cup for the first time as a unified nation with a hard-fought 1-0 win over Argentina. Since an abysmal showing at Euro 2004 (when they failed to win a match), they have reached at least the semi-final stage in all of the last five international tournaments, … Read More