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Pariah or Problematic? Azealia Banks vs. Lana Del Rey

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Not for the first time, the ‘212’ rapper Azealia Banks has found herself embroiled in a raging Twitter war. This time it was with ‘Video Games’ songstress Lana Del Rey. The feud started last week when Banks came out to criticize Del Rey’s response to an Instagram post by Kanye … Read More

To Politicise a Butterfly

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Giulia Pesce reflects on Kendrick Lamar‘s involvement with Black Lives Matter, the political message behind hip-hop and why we should all still be listening to Lamar‘s seminal record, To Pimp a Butterfly, three years on. When I talk to my mum about rappers, she probably has a clear image in … Read More

Brockhampton: Redefining the ‘Boyband’

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The multifaceted hip-hop collective which charted at Number 1 on billboard’s top 200 – whilst being in the midst of a #MeToo scandal. Brockhampton are best described as an alternative hip-hop group compiled of six vocalists and eight assisting members such as producers and managers. The main members consist of … Read More

Ghostface Killah Releases New Album, The Lost Tapes

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The Lost Tapes is the latest offering of classic 90’s New York-styled hip-hop from arguably the best member of the Wu-Tang Clan. It’s fantastic. A collaboration with a producer named Big Ghost, Lost Tapes sounds less like an artist trying something new, and more like an old legend going for … Read More

Should White People Say The ‘N’ Word?

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The use of the N-word has been the topic of rife debates over the years. The fact that the word is often referred to as “the N-word” just proves that it is the most controversial, derogatory and inherently racist word to date. There is no equivalent. Yet, non-black people still … Read More

Re:Imagining B.I.G.’s ‘Ready To Die’

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I remember it better than I remember most things these days. I remember, the first time I sat down to listen to The Notorious B.I.G.’s seminal debut album Ready To Die, being struck by the orchestral nature of its 22 year-old curator’s dark and powerful musings. This was not the … Read More

Brockhampton Continue to Push Boundaries with New Project, iridescence

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A beautifully crafted project rising from the ashes of past controversy comes iridescence, a confirmation that Brockhampton are still dominating new sound within the hip-hop genre as they continue to push the boundaries of sound, theme and message. iridescence manages to recapture the raw intensity and energy that this fourteen … Read More

Rap’s Future is Female. Get Used to it.

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It’s no question that women have played a vital part in the evolution of rap and hip hop. So why are female rappers so often overshadowed by their male counterparts? It seems reductive to brand 2018 as the year of female rap, seeing as the likes of Lauryn Hill, Lil’ … Read More

10 Women Who Should Be On the Line-up

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One look at the first Wireless 2018 announcement and you’ll be left with the bitter taste of patriarchy in your mouth. Of the 39 acts announced, just 3 women feature across the weekend; Mabel stands alone on the Friday, while Cardi B and Lisa Mercedez represent on the Sunday. This lack … Read More