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Campus Watch: Christmas Edition

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University of Limerick: Union Cancels Christmas Knees-Up The University of Limerick released a statement last week claiming that its main union bar would not be serving alcoholic drinks to punters in the run-up to the Christmas break. In a Facebook post, The Stables Club, Limerick’s equivalent of Terrace, stated: “There … Read More

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2017

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It is a sure sign that Christmas is on the way, when the adverts start appearing on the TV. The most anticipated one of all? John Lewis. With years of successful and well-received Christmas adverts under its belt, John Lewis has built up quite the reputation. So much so, that … Read More

John Lewis: The reign is over

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The John Lewis Christmas advert is here, which can only mean one thing, the start of the festive season… Over the past five years the department store has become renowned for its tear-  jerkers. However, this year sees a break in tradition with a more light-hearted approach featuring Buster the … Read More

John Lewis: tugging at heart or purse strings?

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In 1955, the first television advertisement was broadcast in the United Kingdom, advertising the efficacy of a make of toothpaste manufactured by Gibbs. Undoubtedly, the first handful of adverts aimed to portray and advertise a lifestyle amiable for all; luxury items and consumer durables were advertised as the idyllic lifestyle … Read More

Christmas TV: Adverts of the advent

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It’s officially that time of year when our screens are inundated with an abundance of Christmas adverts. Aware of our nation’s criteria for the ultimate Christmas commercial (reflective soundtrack, idyllic family living room scene, shots of indulgent festive delicacies – you know the score), here’s my humble opinion on this … Read More

Presence or Presents this Christmas?

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In an unprecedented move, this year John Lewis has teamed up with the charity Age UK to use their widespread reach for good. The Gryphon discusses the possible implications of this unlikely pairing. Since the success of the 2013 Bear & the Hare advert, which has now had over fifteen … Read More

A/W High Street Collaborations

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Zoe Jordan for River Island Release Date: 21st September Price: £35-£250 The Design Forum Initiative has bought us collections from the likes of Jean-Pierre Braganza and Eudon Choi and now Irish designer Zoe Jordan is to offer her design with a 11 piece collection. Inspired by Deep Purple lyrics, “Smoke … Read More

Christmas: A cynic’s guide

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I bloody, bloody, bloody love Christmas. I live for Christmas. I spend all year being excited about Christmas. Wrapping presents, sitting dead-legged on the living room floor is as close to euphoria as I get. If I was a superhero I’d be CHRISTMAS GAL, going around shooting tinsel out of … Read More

Selling war and peace

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It’s that time of year. The long awaited John Lewis Christmas advert has been unveiled and it does not disappoint. The tried and tested John Lewis yuletide formula, of an old song covered by an up-and-coming singer (this year, John Lennon’s ‘Real Love’ sung by Tom Odell) and an endearing … Read More

Feature:: 6 Of The Worst Advert Cover Songs Ever

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All thanks to the new advert culture of twee and all-too-emotional covers of classic songs, is advertising endangering our music knowledge? Are we soon to know songs by brand instead of band and disregard originals in favour of acoustic alternatives altogether?      ‘Girls’ – Sugababes (Ernie K. Doe) Sorry … Read More