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World Vegan Day: The Veg Pledge

3 months ago / 0 comments

Veganism is becoming a huge movement; it has grown by 700% in the UK in the past two years and you just know that someone, somewhere, is Instagram-ing their avocado on toast. With it being World Vegan Day today, let’s talk about what all the hype is about. Why are … Read More

Minimalism: A New Middle-Class Phenomenon?

5 months ago / 0 comments

Too many young Youtubers nowadays are advocating with an almost religious zeal about how getting rid of clutter ‘changed their lives’ and, so, perhaps it’s time we had a real look at this ‘minimalist’ trend which is sweeping the nation (or at least the internet.) Minimalism, as it is being … Read More

5 Great Sci-fi Novels for You to Read

10 months ago / 0 comments

Recently, we lost the incredible Stephen Hawking, a man who fundamentally changed the way we view and interact with the cosmos. His works have had such a strong influence on the scientific world and science fiction as a genre. In honour of his passing, here is a look at some … Read More

Still Looking for a Placement? Don’t Fret.

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Hunting for professional opportunities should be a positive and exciting process. The opportunity of putting our academic interests and achievements into practice (and the potential of earning a real wage) is motivating, and undertaking placements, grad-schemes and internships seems like the logical step during university. But sometimes it can all … Read More

Staying Occupied and Avoiding Boredom Over Easter

10 months ago / 0 comments

You may have been extremely excited in the days leading up to this one-month Easter break only to find that the excitement has died down, you’re starting to feel the boredom settle in and you are doing nothing but lying in bed at home. To avoid boredom at home and … Read More

The Urban Collective: Easy London Living

11 months ago / 0 comments

Moving to London after uni? Searching for accommodation can be stressful and time consuming, as the founders of a new app discovered, when it took them 75 hours to search, find and organise viewings of rental properties. However, the founders of the Urban Collective took their difficult experience renting and … Read More

Is Eating Green Eating Clean?

11 months ago / 0 comments

Let’s be honest, we could probably all do with an extra serving (or three) of broccoli in our student lifestyles, but is the mantra of ‘eat your greens’, drilled into us from childhood, really the answer to a healthy diet? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The infamous ‘green detox smoothie’ … Read More

Be Smart About Bills

11 months ago / 0 comments

So you’ve signed for a house for next year. If you haven’t yet, don’t worry! There’s still time: you aren’t moving in until summer, remember! If you have, the hard part is over. You’ve successfully navigated the treacherous ocean of letting agents’ scaremongering and pressure tactics and found the one … Read More

Four Valentines Feasting Spots

11 months ago / 0 comments

The day of love is nearly upon us and whether you love it or hate it, here are seven of Leeds’ coolest restaurants and bars to bring your other half or just hang out with friends on that special occasion. Water Lane Boathouse, Canal Wharf, Water Lane, LS11 5PS Brought … Read More

The Importance of Being Idle – In Defence of ‘Laziness’

11 months ago / 0 comments

Laziness, not unlike patience, is a virtue. Unfortunately, it is a virtue few can afford to possess as they progress through their time at university. The guilt that comes with the thought of not working hard enough, getting out of bed too late, or missing too many lectures is enough … Read More