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In the Public Eye: Music in a Mental Health Crisis

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Following ‘World Mental Health Day’, Charlotte Bresh explores the daunting levels of mental health issues within the music industry and the ways in which the stresses of high-profile life may impact the wellbeing of artists. October 10th marked 2018’s ‘World Mental Health Day’, an annual event dedicated to raising awareness … Read More

World Mental Health Day 2018: NUS Report Suggests 78% of Students Experience Mental Health Problems

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Wednesday 10th October marked this year’s World Mental Health Day. This day, celebrated around the globe, aims to spread awareness and information about mental health, and reduce the stigma attached to those suffering. Following on from last year’s theme of mental health in the workplace, this year sees focus on … Read More

Love Arts Festival 2018

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The Love Arts Festival is an annual celebration of creativity and mental well-being in Leeds. In its 8th year, the festival aims to get people talking about mental health. The festival is made up of exhibitions, performances, gigs, films, workshops, discussions and more and all taking place in different venues … Read More

Good Grief: The Society Talking About Student Bereavement

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Society has been taken over this week by the Bereaved and Young Student Network (BAYSN). This LUU society are doing their best to support students who have ex-perienced death, by surrounding them with students who understand to help them navigate their way through the strange landscape of loss. Sitting on … Read More

Ariana Grande is Not to Blame for Mac Miller’s Death

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On the 7th September 2018, Malcolm McCormick, known to fans as ‘Mac Miller’, was found dead due to a suspected drug overdose. Promptly after his death, millions of online tributes started flooding in from friends, family and fans alike who were mourning the rapper’s untimely death. Many of the tributes, … Read More

The mental health of NHS workers is in jeopardy: the Conservative government should learn from Germany about how to treat doctors and nurses properly

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It’s no secret that the NHS is in crisis. Chronically underfunded by the current Conservative administration, in 2017 NHS Funding stated that it would need £30 billion to plug the funding gap. The response of Simon Stevens, CEO of NHS England, was to provide a measly sum of £8 billion. … Read More

Happy and sad: depression behind closed doors

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Despite the many campaigns to increase mental health awareness, it seems there is still a long way to go, even with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Why, I ask myself, are people still struggling to understand the ins and outs of these conditions? Naturally, if you’ve never … Read More

Binge Eating: The Ignored Eating Disorder

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With the arrival of Eating Disorders Awareness Week on Monday 26th February, we saw people all over the world sharing their stories, raising money and providing help and advice to those of us who may be struggling in a similar situation. However, an important part of raising awareness on any … Read More

Help4friend: a guide in offering mental health support to loved ones

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Mental health impacts 20% of young adults in the UK. Beyond this, an even greater number of university students are suffering from some kind of mental wellbeing issue. The problem is, in fact, so big that it is being widely discussed in the media, at university boards and even within … Read More

EDAW: Visions of eating disorders in film and writing

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Every time that Eating Disorders Awareness Week comes around, I am amazed to find that is has been another year without the control of Anorexia/Bulimia. Perfectionism – and feeling like you will never reach the standards that you set for yourself – is a common underlying cause of eating disorders … Read More