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Why is the Male Contraceptive Pill Taking so Damn Long?

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As a woman using the contraceptive pill for almost four years, I have experienced every side effect under the sun from bigger boobs and mood swings to crippling migraines and depressive episodes. I’m not the only one with around 3 million women in Britain taking the pill and nearly 100 million … Read More

Uni of Leeds Cums Third in Sex-Toy List

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The University of Leeds has come third in the race to be crowned as the UK’s kinkiest University. In a study that investigated the consumer habits of students from 20 different universities, it was found that the adventurous students of Leeds spent £8,633 on sex toys, lingerie and bondage products … Read More

Female sex robot develops sentience, become feminist

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A multimillion pound pilot sex robot experiment by the Dartmouth University may soon be halted indefinitely due to robots developing sentience and political thought. The University is at the forefront of what people stated as, the millennial’s version of the space race, beating roboenginers from across the globe and bringing … Read More

Students seek sex ed overhaul

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Students meet in the University Union to discuss plans for overhaul of outdated LGBT+ excluding curriculum. An enthusiastic group met at the Union on Thursday night to discuss materials from the Sexual Wellbeing Foundation, a student charity aimed at reforming the curriculum. Currently, the approved curriculum focuses on STDs, pregnancy … Read More

Leeds dental lecturer accused of having numerous sexual encounters in office

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Dr Alec High, one of the universities dental lecturers, is said to have repeatedly engaged in sexual activity in his office overheard by colleagues. The General Dental Council (GDC) practise committee was today, Monday 23 January, told that four of High’s colleagues had reported overhearing sexual relations on numerous occasions … Read More

Campus Watch: Coventry safe sex initiative offers students £400 to have sex on camera

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A Coventry University project aimed at reducing the number of young adults with STIs has been criticised after offering students £400 to have sex on camera. Project leader Dr Katie Newby explained that the films and other accompanying elements of Chance2Change – financially supported by the government funded Medical Research … Read More

Campus Watch: Pamela Anderson gives a lecture on pornography to students

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Pamela Anderson gave a speech to scholars at Oxford University, portraying her concerns over the increasing number of people that watch porn. She stated that she would like to campaign for a reduction in the viewings of porn as a social experiment. The mass consumption of internet pornography has led … Read More

Let’s talk about sex! (And pizza)

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Emma Healey, the Equality and Diversity exec is running “let’s talk about sex” sessions in student halls throughout next week. The sessions will be an open discussion to aid people in being able to support their friends who might have experienced sexual assault or abusive relationships. Emma says “As a survivor … Read More

Male and female orgasms – What’s the difference?

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Sex is everywhere, from your favourite TV show, to the morning after debriefs with your friends. Everyone’s obsessing about it, but no one really knowns what’s going on inside your body, or the differences between male and female orgasms – only that males’ are shorter, singular and easier to achieve. … Read More

Balls to “Fun Size” food

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Around this time of year, whether because of the turn in the weather, or the rush of homesickness from not having seen my mum for two months, my consumption of “snack foods” really hits its peak. Snack foods are inescapable. I’m talking crisps, biscuits, sweets, those little versions of  biscuits … Read More