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Fly Me to The Moon? The Woman Behind America’s Journey into Space

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Celebrating Space Week with the brain that powered America’s journey into space. Travel into outer space is becoming more and more commonplace – you may have heard Elon Musk recently state that a manned mission to Mars is possible by 2024, a mere 6 years in the future but a … Read More

Seven Nights of Non-Stop Fun

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As 2018 kicks off and exams are over, it’s time to start having some fun again. If you haven’t quite mastered the art of Leeds nightlife yet, or if its just time for a January revamp of your clubbing routine, we’ve got you covered.  How do you avoid awful nights … Read More

The Saturn Exploration Saga Comes to an End

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The spacecraft Cassini was tasked with investigating Saturn in more detail and undertook missions to find out more about the planet and its many moons. It officially finished its most recent mission last month (September 15th) when it plummeted into Saturn’s atmosphere. Cassini started its first mission 10 years ago, … Read More

There seems to be a new space race on the horizon

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However, unlike before, the race is not fuelled by the cold war rivalry between the USA and the USSR, it is fuelled by private corporations. Investment is flooding into the space industry. The global space economy was worth $329 billion in 2016, and three-quarters of that sum came from private … Read More

Student Advice’s Space to Relax: perfect for exam time

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The Student Advice Centre’s Space to Relax is returning to provide you with a wellbeing hub during the often stressful and challenging exam period. We want support you to study and support you to look after yourself, therefore our space is divided into the Space to Relax in Room 5 … Read More

Mars: To boldly go where no man has gone before

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For as long as human history, people have looked up to the heavens and wondered. Among the many celestial fascinations that the night sky offers us, few have caught the human imagination so much as Mars. National space agencies have been formulating various Mars mission plans for decades but with … Read More

Flawed Dreams: Elon Musk and the Colonisation of Mars

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At the International Astronautical Congress in Mexico, Elon Musk announced his highly ambitious plans to establish a colony of one million people on Mars within 100 years. Musk was greeted rapturous energy. Despite this enthusiasm, is the colonisation of Mars feasible? Musk, founder of the private space company Space X, … Read More

Astronomy and Astrophysics: 2 weeks in 3 minutes

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This year is set to be an exciting year for planetary exploration and here is what we have to look forward to throughout the year: The Opportunity Rover has been on Mars for 11 years now and in that time has characterised soft rocks, providing evidence of water being on … Read More

Strange tales from outer space

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When I was little, there was a patch of grass at the bottom of my garden where nothing would grow. It was a big round patch of black, scorched ground where, it turned out, my dad had had a bonfire. I was about 7 years old, and didn’t realise this, … Read More

TV | Live in Space – Out of this world

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It is perhaps unsurprising that Channel 4 should be the first to produce a TV show in space, given its track record of filming the dangerously absurd. It seems there’s very little left on earth to satisfy the demands of its viewers. Yet this series does not disappoint. Channel 4’s collaboration … Read More