What’s in My Uni Bag? Unexpected Essentials

So, you’re packing for your first day of Uni. You’ve got your nice new backpack, pens, notebooks etc. You are ready for the day! Or are you? I’m going into my 3rd year of Uni and there are some unexpected essentials that I ALWAYS have on hand.

‘Cereal bar’ Credit: Taste.com

Cereal Bar/Small Snack

This is a bit of a random one, but I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve been sat in a lecture and my tummy’s rumbling, or I’m feeling a bit hungover, or most likely I rushed out the door and didn’t have breakfast, and was in dire need of some sugar! Trust me this one saves lives.

‘Pen’ Credit: Wikipedia

A Spare Pen That You Don’t Care About

There will absolutely be a time in Uni where someone asks you for a pen. Now, this is a great opportunity to get chatting to someone new and make a friend on your course! However, there is a big chance that you will never see that pen again, so having some “disposable” pens is always handy.

‘Socks’ Credit: Barbican Shop

Spare Socks

So, you brought some nice new shoes and decided to wear them to Uni. They look great. You’re feeling confident. Then, you’re two hours in and you are severely regretting wearing them. Most likely you’ll have plasters with you, but what I’ve found to be super helpful is to have spare socks! Especially if your feet have rubbed so much that the back of your sock is blood soaked, and we all know the horrible feeling of peeling that sock off later on.

‘Tote bag’ Credit: B&W Studio

Tote Bag

Often after Uni I like to pop into a shop to get some food for tea, and it’s always handy to have a spare bag, especially when you buy a lot more than expected! Tote bags are great because not only are they reusable, but you can throw them on your shoulder, and it won’t be digging into your hand like those pesky plastic bags.

Remember, you can never be too prepared!

Head Image Credit: Pinterest