NewsFix: Newsletter aimed at students ditches subscription fee

A newsletter for students that promises to change the way you stay informed! 

NewsFix breaks down the top stories going on around the world, providing impartial  context and including some of the media’s best analysis. 

Subscribers receive a daily email summary of the news at 8am (subscribe here). There is also a weekly in-depth piece on a Saturday morning, a podcast version of the newsletter in each email, and a brand new Instagram page

NewsFix was started late last year by Hilary McGann, an Irish journalist who spent years working as a producer with CNN. The growing team is joined by Tom Bakhurst, a researcher and graduate of Leeds University. 

“The mission is pretty simple, we want young people to find it easier to know and understand what’s happening around the world. The easiest way to explain the service is that we spend hours going through the news, so you don’t have to.” – Hilary McGann 

When it originally launched in November 2020, NewsFix was a paid subscriber platform. Before relaunching, we had ~1,300 subscribers reading our emails each morning. 

The service is now completely free, and we would love you to give it a try. 

One of the things our subscribers love the most is the direct engagement we have with them, particular through our social media presence. On Instagram, for example, there are regular quizzes, polls and opportunities for people to share their views on topical stories. 

You can find out more at