Leeds-based singer Ellie Knight releases new single ‘Better Things’

With a cutesy, electronica sound and a strong 80s influence, Ellie Knight’s high-tempo new single ‘Better Things’ is a rethink of the post-break up track. Instead of dwelling on the pain, this song takes an optimistic view on the future after a relationship, with the main hook assuring the listener ‘Don’t you worry about me, I’ve got all that I need, I’m on to better things’.

The track is upbeat and empowering, with Ellie reflecting that she finds many of the biggest break up songs only make her angrier and more upset after listening. She didn’t want to repeat this so instead made a track that looks at a breakup as a chance for a new start. You can hear the influence of happy pop in her music as Ellie states some of her biggest inspirations for the track include Taylor Swift, ABBA and Katy Perry, alongside the likes of Charlie XCX.  

The lyrics reflect how many people feel in (failed) relationships; the need for clarity, a sense of insecurity, a rose tinted view of your partner. These relatable messages combined with such cheerful music means the single is a sing-along-with-your-friends kind of track, perfect for when don’t want to be sat in your feels.

Ellie has been working hard to push her music in the Leeds area, specifically Hyde Park, with posters popping up to advertise her last single ‘Work for It’ and a highly successful first gig at Royal Park Pub on the 30th September. She has also been collaborating with Avenue House Collective and will be featuring on some of their upcoming tracks. Make sure you look out for more from Ellie as she is surely a name to know in LS6.

Ellie Knight’s new single ‘Better Things’ is out on Spotify now.