Glitter is Banned

Waitrose, Morrisons, and John Lewis have announced they won’t be using glitter in their own-brand Christmas products. Many other big retailers, such as Boots and Sainsburys, have also announced they are taking steps to reduce their use of plastic, making their ranges more eco-friendly for the festive period.

Christmas Ads: Tacky and Overdone?

We’ve all been there. The clocks have gone back, it’s pitch black and freezing cold outside and you’ve settled in for the night, in front of your TV. You hear the familiar jingle of a classic over-played festive song and recognise the family-friendly cheesy (yet wholesome) plotline.

Edgar The Dragon: Innocent or Guilty?

Finally! The autumnal showers have passed, the naked branches are shivering in their frosty coats, and the John Lewis advert has snuck back onto our screens. Before the arrival of the chocolatey calendars, sparkly do’s and frantic family feuds, John Lewis, partnered with Waitrose (a festive first this year), get the Christmas bauble rolling with their annual advert which promises to tug at your heartstrings, albeit while capitalizing off of our feeble sentimentality.