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The Crisis of Crisis Film

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Film is a complex medium that can contain the perfect formula to provide its audience with happiness while possessing the right amount of emotional depth. Crisis can be the perfect strategy to momentarily tug at a Western audience’s heartstrings in this way. It is the necessary ingredient that directors use … Read More

V is for Velour: Sasha Velour at Tunnel

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It’s 7pm on Sunday evening but I’m not perusing Netflix in my dressing gown, I’m in Tunnel (formerly Mission 2) surrounded by Sasha Velour’s adoring fans. We are all ready for her immaculate brand of lip syncing, wit and high concept drag. After all, this is a queen who cites … Read More

Phantom Thread: Daniel Day-Lewis’ final lacy, bespoke project?

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Paul Thomas Anderson’s unwavering vision for a psychologically mesmerizing historical-drama of a vintage, 1950s London is a meticulously crafted specimen. While it takes it time to unfold, it is embroidered by a tremendous amount of mental manipulation, a harrowing sense of order—or lack thereof—and a little fashion. The calculated dressmaker, … Read More

Padmaavat: worth the controversy?

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After Bajirao Mastani, it’s quite evident that period films are child’s play for Indian director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. He so effortlessly creates his latest film, Padmaavat with as much, if not more, glamour and skill. The film is based on the fictional poem written by Sufi poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi, … Read More

Are Britain’s Theatres Facing the Final Curtain?

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The arts are a proven way of supporting the economy; a rich cultural heritage sparks an interest in tourism. But as well as being a ray of hope in a country fast approaching a post-Brexit world, the arts are also a significant factor in binding communities together and promoting the … Read More

Art removal in sign of protest at the Manchester Art Gallery

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When the curator of the contemporary art section at the Manchester Art Gallery, Clare Gannaway, decided to pull out from displaying a painting from Pre-Raphaelite painter J.W. Waterhouse, the initiative was said to be about encouraging conversation and starting up a discussion about female body’s representation during the Victorian age. … Read More

Darkest Hour: Poignant but problematic

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Joe Wright’s Darkest Hour charts Winston Churchill’s first month in Downing Street in 1940, and whilst it is a well acted, emotional and engaging film, it is also intensely problematic. Darkest Hour is a film that presents Churchill as a “warts and all” hero, glorifying him as it presents a … Read More

The Cloverfield Paradox – What went wrong?

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Heading into a new film without a single familiar frame in mind is rare. And in the case of The Cloverfield Paradox – announced and released within a few quick hours – it was especially exciting. Fans had no time to slave over the hidden details of trailers and marketing … Read More

‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ – The Film That Doesn’t Commit

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Arts writer, Ananya Sriram, discusses the  racial problems in  ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’. It seems that issues of race and its portrayal in film have become an integral part of the discussion surrounding the Oscars every year. Increasing focus is given not only to diversity in films, exemplified by … Read More

Heartless Heartthrobs

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Arts Editor, Rose Crees, discusses whether Zac Efron portraying Ted Bundy is potentially problematic. 2017 was a year of unprecedented bizarreness. Its twelve months included events such as: Kendall Jenner attempting to initiate world peace through the sheer power of Pepsi, the Babadook’s much celebrated coming out (thank you Netflix) … Read More