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Dirty Martini to join Leeds’ cocktail scene

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Dirty Martini is the latest name set to join the renowned Leeds nightlife scene, with a site acquisition in close proximity to Greek Street, one of the city centre’s busiest nightspots. The news comes as part of the bar group’s wider plans for growth and expansion, having recently announcing a new … Read More

The Botanist – Perfect for that post-graduation meal

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If you’re searching for that perfect graduation meal, then look no further than The Botanist… Deciding where to go for your post-graduation meal is a challenging task. Even if your parents insist it’s your choice, when mum hates Thai food and Dad isn’t a big fan of Italian, finding somewhere … Read More

The Turk’s Head: Victoriana revisited

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The one thing I have always thought that was missing from the Leeds nightlife scene is a place that looks like the set for a contemporary Dickens fashion shoot, probably the kind that would be featured in Vogue or Tatler with moody dark lighting and copious amounts of smoky eyeshadow. … Read More

Greek Street: The new Call Lane?

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It’s time to turn our attention away from the Northern Quarter as The Alchemist opens new doors to a rejuvenated Greek Street. Before the summer, ask any student what their favourite bar on Greek Street was and you’re most likely to have been met with a blank look. On the … Read More

Tapas and Cocktails at Las Iguanas

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Clouds dominate the skies as we creep ever closer to winter, but there is one place in town that can make you forget the harsh realities of living in Leeds and move you to Mexico, or send you to Brazil and beyond with some seriously sizzling flavours and a cocktail … Read More

Eighth Wonder of the World at Jake’s Bar

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Naming their new cocktail menu ‘The Eighth Wonder of the World Edition’, Jake’s Bar have certainly set colossal expectations for their latest offering of cocktail delights. And while I wouldn’t say an evening of drinks at their underground bar compares to walking the Great Wall of China, there is no … Read More

Leeds Freshers’ Guide is giving you a taster of the best bars on offer, to suit any taste and budget…

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The Call Lane Strip, running from the Corn Exchange down to The Calls, is home to some of the best and most popular bars in Leeds – the true home of the Leeds Bar Crawl. Particularly worthy of mention here are Brooklyn Bar (sleek New York decor, funk, soul, R&B … Read More

Sunshine Cocktails: Strawberry and Basil Margaritas

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Spring has certainly sprung, and today it would seem summer is just around the corner. So, why not celebrate the sun, and enjoy a delicious cocktail with your friends. A Strawberry Basil Margarita is an invigorating twist on an old classic, and is perfect for spring. Ingredients A few fresh strawberries … Read More

Lifestyle | Valentine's Day dating tips

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As we arrive at the beginning of February, with our New Year’s resolutions to be less sad and lonely still fresh in our mind, LSi is offering five student dating ideas for those of you struggling for ideas to set you on your way. Dining differently It’s very easy to … Read More

Cheap but Classy Cocktails for the Clueless

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Whoever dared to stereotype students as a bunch of Strongbow guzzling scallywags is about to eat their hat. Elegance, style and most importantly the disguise of paint-stripper aftertaste can all be achieved on a shoestring budget thanks to the week’s worth of recipes that Leeds Student has kindly bestowed on … Read More