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Copenhagen Nightlife: A Study Abroad Perspective

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When making the decision to prise oneself away from the safe familiarity of Leeds and into another country, you can be left with no shortage of things to mull over. The Study Abroad Office will rightly point us towards looking at the cost of living, potential language barriers, and the … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Scandi Style – The brands to know

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Scandinavian High Street names such as IKEA and H&M soon reveal everything that seems to be key to the Scandi Style. Whether it be fashion, furniture, or beauty, the Scandinavian style seems to be characterised by muted colours and a minimalistic approach. But in 2016, are Scandinavian brands moving forward … Read More

Interview: Lars Mikkelsen: “England produces the best actors in the world”

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  Ben Meagher has coffee with star of the Danish screen Lars Mikkelsen in Copenhagen and discovers why Mikkelsen once believed he’d become a  clown.  On one of the corners of Sønder Boulevard, a lively suburb of Vesterbro to the west of Copenhagen, lies a café-come-corner shop that brews and bottles its own beer … Read More

The Interview: Ian Burns

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‘I can’t do autopilot acting – it’s like wearing a straight-jacket’ Ben Meagher ventures further into Copenhagen’s theatre scene, meeting actor Ian Burns for (yet more) coffee and a discussion of the stage, wild misdemeanours, dodgy accents and rowdy English punch-ups. A dull chime sounds, signalling my arrival on the top floor … Read More

The Interview: Soren Malling

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‘I’d be locked up if I didn’t have the opportunity to play the roles I’d like’ Ben Meagher meets Denmark’s star actor, Søren Malling, in Copenhagen for coffee and a discussion of clay pigeon shooting, Scandinavian drama and how he got Kenneth Branagh ‘shitting his fucking pants’ on the set of Wallander.  … Read More

Theatre | Interview with Ole Brekke, Co-Founder of Copenhagen's Commedia School

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“Watching students discover their own ecstatic joy of playing is the key ingredient of my life”   With a flux of Nordic noir drama, Ben Meagher, a third-year art-history student spending the year in Copenhagen, catches up with Ole Brekker, the founder of Copenhagen’s Commedia School, to talk clowns, politics … Read More