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Businesses to Watch During Fresher’s Week

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Dominos leaflets scattered on the streets, hands full of club flyers and student discounts everywhere. Yep, it’s fresher’s week and businesses will do everything they can to get their hands on your newly acquired student loan money. Targeting students is a very effective way for businesses to reach a new … Read More

The End of the Boozy Student?

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Annabelle Toon discusses whether or not we are witnessing the end of the British student drinking culture as we know it.   University is stereotyped by many as the place where it’s acceptable to be drunk for four days in a row and nobody is concerned for your health. The … Read More

Culture Shock: Life as an International Student

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Having lived in Vietnam for the majority of my life with frequent visits back to Taiwan, it’s safe to say that moving to England has given me a few culture shocks. Below, I’ll list the most amusing and staggering shocks I’ve suffered so far.   1. Calling for the Bill … Read More

Never have I ever played a drinking game…

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I’m sure you’ve all heard about the sheer amount of drinking first years get up to. So it only seems natural to help you on your nights out to Fruity, Mission and the like by giving you some drinking games to help set off your careers of long nights and … Read More

Go Hard but Get Home

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As the new semester kicks off and students arrive back in Leeds, its very likely you’ll be spending a few evenings sampling the city’s night life. Leeds certainly has plenty to offer students with a wide array of different venues to suit all personal tastes in music and culture. It … Read More

Dealing With Homesickness at University

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The countless hours spent drinking, partying, meeting new people can be overwhelming when you are at uni. Your newfound independence away from home can slowly start to fade away and that little homesick part of your brain that was earlier suppressed by copious amounts of alcohol is resurfacing. You are … Read More

Government approves parents location chipping freshers

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The “freshers charter” bill was today given royal assent after becoming law last week. The bill will give parents and guardians the legal right to forcibly “chip” their university inbound sons and daughters to track their location. The bill comes after a petition that collected over 200,000 signatures prompted debate … Read More

Society Spotlight: Real Ale Soc

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A huge part of freshers, and University in general, is the drinking culture. So it seems fitting to tell all you freshers and refreshers about the Real Ale Society, so that you won’t be stuck having VKs and vodka mixers for the next three years. I reached out to committee … Read More

Pretty Pretty Good Present: Palms Trax

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Despite only laying on infrequent visits to Wire, Pretty Pretty Good have established a reputation for serving up brilliant, sweaty nights. This visit, headlined by the Berlin-based Palms Trax, was no different. Considering the night was hosted on a freezing Wednesday, the event was hotly anticipated. Long queues swamped Wire’s … Read More

HighRise Opening Party 2017 – Review

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HighRise really needs no introduction. With an incredible level of popularity amongst students, and a status like no other club event in Leeds, this year’s Opening Party saw tickets selling out in minutes, with revellers clearly not dissuaded by some going for £20+ a pop. The organisers certainly rose to … Read More