The Best TV and films to watch with your new flatmates

Meeting new flatmates can be a very tricky experience. You could be meeting your greatest friends of all time or people you won’t speak to in a week because they leave dirty plates in the sink. Regardless, one of the best bonding experiences is to watch something together. Whether it’s a movie or a TV show, you and your flatmates will be able to fill that awkward silence by discussing the ending, making references to it afterwards or simply bonding on the hatred/love for it.

However, choosing what to watch can be difficult. I would recommend chatting with your flatmates to get a sense of what everyone fancies and what they’re in the mood for. If you are struggling for ideas, here’s a list of six TV shows and six movies to watch with your new flatmates to break the ice:


  1. Shrek 

A movie that not only the majority of people enjoy but is also an all-time classic. Filled with iconic one-liners and great comedic performances by the likes of Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers. The plot is simple to follow, so whoever went out the night before won’t have to focus too hard and you can get a laugh out of it.

  1. Mamma Mia!

For the fans of a good musical this movie is ideal. Even your flatmates who don’t know musicals can still recognise the timeless songs from ABBA and even sing along. The choreography is great and hopefully some of that energy will bounce onto you.

  1. Booksmart 

A wholesome comedy about two best friends wanting one final big night before going to university. The movie touches on familiar themes like the fear of moving away and the anxiety of missing out but doing so in a fun way, leaving you and your flatmates with a smile.

  1. Divergent 

Okay, hear me out. Not the best movie or plot. However, the dystopian young adult setting is familiar and nostalgic for a lot of us, which will spark conversation between you and your flatmates. Plus, if anything you can take a shot for each plot hole in the movie and this is sure to get you all drunk and able to enjoy the movie.

  1. Hereditary 

This horror movie will spark conversation, debate and confusion. Not only can you bond over the immensely disturbing scenes of the movie, but the plot will leave some hating it and others loving it. Regardless, it will spark conversation and debate and it is a great way to get you guys closer.

TV Shows

  1. Rick and Morty 

This show requires almost zero context for anyone to get into it. You can jump at almost any episode and have a fun time with two entertaining characters on hilarious cosmic adventures.

  1. Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

Once again, a show you drop at any episode and all you have to do is watch Gordon hilariously insulting some gross looking food in a very entertaining manner. You can just appreciate the equal parts of insult comedy with the wholesomeness of Ramsay genuinely helping people.

  1. Sex Education 

With a new season right around the corner, it makes for the perfect time to watch this with your flatmates or fresh up on it, if you have seen it. Filled with quotable one-liners and some standout moments you are bound to love this show. Plus, one of the main cast members (Emma Mackey) went to Leeds University, so it’s only right we support her.

Sex Education returns with its third season (Image Credit: BBC/Netflix)
  1. Too Hot To Handle

If you love Love Island type shows, then you will adore this one. A reality TV show where the main struggle is for a group of hot people to not have sex is both bizarre and highly entertaining. Turn your brain off and relish on the ridiculousness in front of you.

  1. The Good Place

Appearing as a light fun comedy, this show will make you and your flatmates ask philosophical questions and spark into debates, whilst laughing at this wonderfully told show. We find great acting mixed with skilled writing and characters whom you will not want to stop visiting. The small twenty-minute episodes make it very easily bingeable and not super time consuming for everyone.

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