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When Slam Poetry Turns to Slamming Poetry

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When the worlds of ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture collide, clashes will always be inevitable. Presidents on Twitter, political campaigns fuelled by popular music, and even memes used as classroom props have all been topics of debate in recent years, but now it is time for the attack on so-called ‘social ... Read More

Leeds University Union Women’s Hockey Club Lambasted for “chav-themed social”

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Leeds University Union Women’s Hockey Club have come under fire after allegedly hosting what the University of Leeds have called an “ill-judged” social, referring to its supposed “chav” theme. In the club’s Facebook group, members were encouraged to dress as “lower-class” people complete with “luminous underwear on show,” setting aside … Read More

Rupi Kaur and Connecting with Contemporary Poetry

11 months ago / 0 comments

Rupi Kaur’s Instagram famous poetry has created much debate on the limitations and boundaries of the form. Aneeka Hussain delves into her personal connection with Kaur’s poetry and what it means for poetry readers in the contemporary age.  I must finally admit it. I’m one of the thousands of girls … Read More

Adidas model receives abuse after being pictured with hairy legs

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At the end of last month, Adidas Originals launched their AW17 Bold Women’s campaign, a collection that can be distinguished by the chunky, curved platform sole: the material embodiment of a firm, powerful step… Some might say the metaphor is too obvious. To promote the campaign, through a number of … Read More

The Dangers of Parents and Social Media

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Text from ‘Mother’: “Why won’t you accept me on Facebook? *sad, crying face*.” Here we go, after about a year of protest she just wouldn’t let it go. Next I’m hit with a long list of her friends whose daughters have accepted them and how unfair I was being. Its … Read More

Is Instagram Perfection Dominating our Lives?

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There is little doubt that the Instagram hype, rife in our generation, has created a digital environment of competition and comparison. The Gryphon discusses the detrimental effects that powerful social media applications like Instagram can have. We are constantly surrounded by the anxieties of: How many followers do I have? … Read More

Comparison: the habit that fuels self doubt

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“The reason we feel insecure: we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel”. Now, before you disregard this quote as just downright pretentious and go back to procrastinating from that pile of reading, bear with me for a minute or two. We’ve all had rubbish days; we’ve … Read More

Ode to Autumn

4 years ago / 0 comments

Put away your Birkenstocks,let down that artful top-knot, guys and gals, because summer is dead. Let us welcome in the glorious rule of Autumn. Rather than mourning the loss of sunny days and the imminent arrival of a sky-high heating bill, consider all the reasons why Autumn is the cool, … Read More

Food | Not Just A Pretty Plate – Quick & Easy Thai Chicken Curry

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As a penniless student, this quick and easy Thai chicken curry has become something of a staple. Though not as authentic as the many you sampled on your gap yah, this dish is simple and delicious, and a great one to pull out if you are hosting a large dinner … Read More

Instagram and Lomography: The Reel Deal?

6 years ago / 0 comments

Current fads see us reaching for our smartphones to capture the moment with a Lo-fi filter. Marysia Korzeniowska considers whether our passion for quick fixes is eroding the traditional art of photography. What camera do you shoot with? Instagram. The new fad is readily available for anyone who enjoys taking … Read More