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Lucia Nogueira Brought to Light by The Henry Moore Institute

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With such an extensive assortment of independent artistic pieces stored away, it’s a shame that there is only ever enough room for just a portion to be on display at any one time; thankfully, however, a fine compromise with Leeds Art Gallery is that whichever exhibitions are given a chance … Read More

Mark Wallinger and Francis Butterfield: Leeds Art Gallery Celebrates its 130th Anniversary With Two New Displays

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In light of its 130th Anniversary, Kate McCaughey reviews two new exhibitions at Leeds Art Gallery. Mark Wallinger – Threshold to the Kingdom, 2000 Video, projection, colour and sound [stereo] Threshold to the Kingdom, comprised of various slowed down shots of the International Arrivals doorway at City Airport, London, is a … Read More

Things to do over Easter if you’re staying in Leeds over the break

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Beginning to get jealous of all your friends going away this Easter? Don’t fret. Here is your ultimate guide for everything going on in Leeds over the holidays. We’re not in Lonely Planet’s ‘Best Cities’ list for nothing! Kirkstall Abbey – While it may not be the warmest place to … Read More

Leeds Voted Fifth Best City in Europe

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Lonely Planet, one of the largest travel guide publishers in the world, has voted Leeds the fifth top city to visit in Europe in its ‘Best in Europe 2017’ guide. Leeds is credited for its hard work over the past few years at improving the city and making it an attractive … Read More

Leeds Art Gallery: Is lack of funding becoming a prominent problem?

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The Leeds Art Gallery has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign in the hopes of raising £17,000 in thirty days so that artist Lothar Götz can create a contemporary, abstract painting as Leeds City Gallery reopens in October. The Art Fund’s Art Happens Initiative will hopefully fund the ‘immersive and site-specific … Read More

Shezad Dawood presents a union of old and new in a visually stimulating display

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In Leeds City Art Gallery’s latest exhibition, Shezad Dawood presents a new film, sculpture, textile paintings and neon pieces alongside works from the gallery’s own collection.The London-based artist was already familiar with the gallery’s collection on account of his time spent in the city when studying at Leeds Met for … Read More

Art | Natural Form – Shape and Growth in Sculpture

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photo: Paule Vézelay, ‘Dish with a Little Boat’ Leeds Art Gallery Collections Display 29th September 2012 – 20th March 2014 Lower Sculpture Study Gallery, Leeds Art Gallery ‘The whole of nature is an endless demonstration of shape and form. It always surprises me when artists try to escape this.’ Henry Moore: Energie … Read More

Art | Polychromies – Surface, Light and Colour

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2/3 Stars As the Leeds Art Gallery states: “sculpture has often been considered in opposition to painting”. This is the motivation behind new exhibition Polychromies, which showcases a diverse collection of artists’ works in both sculpture and painting. Spanning over three centuries, the works are juxtaposed across three rooms in … Read More

Art | Liberty and Anarchy

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4 stars Nike Savvas’ first major UK exhibition in ten years displays her fantastic focus on colour, creating artwork that is both eye-catching and intricate. The eight geometric sculptures that inhabit the space are made from wood and coloured string, creating a three-dimensional moiré effect from the overlapping colours and … Read More