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Leeds 2018 Palestinian Film Festival: 1948 Creation & Catastrophe Review

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‘A people without a land for a land without people”- a now infamous slogan for those who supported the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, and one which Samia Khoury, a Palestinian from Jerusalem, points out the inherent flaw in; “the … Read More

“A little bit challenging” and “a little bit interesting” – Why Ambassador Mark Regev’s Visit to the University of Leeds Provided More Questions than Answers

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If you were wandering about campus last Wednesday the 14th November, those more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed an increased security presence patrolling outside Leeds University Union. For those of you who were less aware or just momentarily recovering from Hifi the night before, even if you missed the … Read More

University of Leeds Accused of Investing in Companies with Alleged Links to Human Rights Abuses

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The University reportedly invested over £2,000,000 in companies that are accused of being linked to the implementation of human rights abuses against Palestinians. An Open Letter from LUU Palestine Solidarity Group (PSG) to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Leeds has criticised the University, accusing it of investing a … Read More

Israeli Spokesperson Sparks Protests on Campus

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Members of Leeds University Union’s Palestine Solidarity Group staged a silent protest on Wednesday to show their opposition to Yiftah Curiel, a spokesperson for the Israeli embassy in London, speaking at an event organised by LUU’s J-Soc and POLIS. PSG members staged a sit-in protest at the event, ‘Yiftah Curiel … Read More

Union votes "yes" to Al-Quds University twinning

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University of Leeds students have voted yes to a referendum to twin with Al-Quds University in Palestine. The results of the referendum were as follows: 1161 people voted in favour of the motion, 851 people voted against the motion and 23 people abstained from voting. In the run up to … Read More

The Case for Al-Quds

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As the semester draws to a close, with those final assignments being submitted and the holiday spirit kicking in, this last week at university is set to be a busy one for us all. Amidst the holiday excitement, this week not only marks Human Rights Week, but it also stages … Read More

Leeds scholars sign up to Israeli boycott

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Eleven University of Leeds scholars have declared that they will be boycotting Israeli academic institutions in response to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land. The declaration to show solidarity to Palestinians has a list of 300 signatories from a range of British universities who will be boycotting the universities. It … Read More

Palestinian Solidarity Group commemorate lost lives in vigil

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On Thursday LUU’s Palestinian Solidarity Group, who aim to raise awareness on campus of the contemporary and historical situation in Palestine, held a vigil outside of the Union to commemorate those killed in the recent wave of violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. PSG’s co-president Yusra Ahmed, a second year Middle … Read More

LUU PSG stage mock checkpoint as part of ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’

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Members of the Palestinian Solidarity Group organised a mock checkpoint outside the Union on Tuesday. The demonstration was part of the ‘internationally recognised Israeli Apartheid week. The checkpoint was constructed to raise awareness of the restriction of movement for Palestinians caused by the Israeli occupation. Students acted as Israeli Defence Force … Read More

Comment | Let’s talk about Gaza

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The conflict currently raging in Gaza is the third in six years. I use the word ‘conflict’ to describe the confrontation between Israel and Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement that governs the Gaza strip, with hesitation. In fact, I probably shouldn’t use it at all. This is because the word … Read More