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Is Poetry Really Dead?

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We all like to come up with witty and clever Instagram captions. But would we consider the said captions to be poetry? Ariel Bissett, an English Literature graduate and Youtuber, released her documentary #poetry at the beginning of the month. The documentary explores the links between poetry and online social … Read More

The World in a Word: National Poetry Day 2018

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Inspired by Chris Riddell, Carmen Walker-Vazquez celebrates last week’s National Poetry Day by sharing her favourite poems that focus on this year’s theme: change. ‘Change is the nursery Of music, joy, life, and eternity.’ – John Donne Elegy III With change comes growth, transformation and progress. Change can be frustrating, … Read More

More Than Just A Phenomenal Woman – Maya Angelou

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As part of Black History Month, Digital Associate Editor Bella Davis pays tribute to the multi-talented American artist. Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size   But when I start to tell them, They think I’m telling lies. I … Read More

When Slam Poetry Turns to Slamming Poetry

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When the worlds of ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture collide, clashes will always be inevitable. Presidents on Twitter, political campaigns fuelled by popular music, and even memes used as classroom props have all been topics of debate in recent years, but now it is time for the attack on so-called ‘social ... Read More

Are We Having a Period Revolution?

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You may remember a certain photograph of Rupi Kaur’s that was taken down initially by Instagram under terms of ‘violating community standards’. The photo was of Kaur herself, lying on a bed with a few, small splodges of blood on her clothes and bed sheets. She was fully clothed, posted … Read More

Rupi Kaur and Connecting with Contemporary Poetry

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Rupi Kaur’s Instagram famous poetry has created much debate on the limitations and boundaries of the form. Aneeka Hussain delves into her personal connection with Kaur’s poetry and what it means for poetry readers in the contemporary age.  I must finally admit it. I’m one of the thousands of girls … Read More

Simon Armitage Joins School of English

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Simon Armitage, one of the UK’s leading contemporary poets, has just joined the staffing team at the University of Leeds, School of English. Some of his multi-award winning poetry collections include Out of the Blue and Paper Aeroplanes. Armitage has also been a big contributer to contemporary translation, some notable … Read More

Review: Headingley Lit Fest – I Am Alive (I Guess)

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This year’s Headingley Lit Fest focuses on the topic ‘ The Edge’. Literary figures have been challenged with the task of expressing how ‘The Edge’ plays a significant role in their work and the ways in which they express this. On Wednesday 8th March, I attended the fascinating event, I … Read More

Poetry – Outdated or in Disguise?

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Do you hate it, love it or just don’t care about it? The stereotype of a poet is a middle aged man with a coffee stained shirt, who is sat in an empty office, reading a prehistoric book written in text so small it’s a task just to decipher it. … Read More

The poet Christian Bök: genius or fraud?

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Experimental poet Christian Bök is renowned for his outlandish and complex poetic process. His theory appears to be that by putting enough constraints upon himself when writing, he will be able to access new levels of meaning, push the boundaries of language itself, and reconcile the seldom-reconcilable fields of art … Read More