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Trump’s Tweets Are A Call For Resistance

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Britain First is a far-right fringe group who pose a direct threat to the UK and the people who live here. Last week, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, chose to tacitly endorse their views on social media. The government has stated that an official state visit will ... Read More

Stephen Paddock is a terrorist- so why are we hesitating?    

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  On the night of October 1st, Las Vegas witnessed the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, as 64-year- old Stephen Paddock from Mesquite, Nevada, opened fire on a music festival in Las Vegas, resulting in at least 59 fatalities and over 500 injuries. Nevada state law asserts that an … Read More

Was Eniola Aluko given hush-money?

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In early 2016, the FA’s Director of Elite Development, Dan Ashworth, asked England women’s striker Eniola Aluko to contribute to a cultural review of all England teams. The result was an eight-page submission that comprised a “non-exhaustive” list of seven specific instances amounting to the “basis of a culture of … Read More

Campus Watch: Oxford students warned avoiding eye contact could be seen as racist

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Undergraduates at Oxford University have been told that failing to look another student in the eye could be viewed as racist behaviour. This came as part of a list of ‘micro-aggressions’ that has been circulated by the university’s equality and diversity unit. This move has been criticised for being patronising … Read More

Why is My Rebellion White?

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Features editor Jessie Florence-Jones looks at the whitewashing of punk and its still thriving existence in Asia and Africa. When someone says punk, the first thing to come to mind for most people is a safety pin through a body part, a load of studs and a mohawk. Growing up … Read More

#Slacktivism: Are we protesting enough?

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In world of increasing social injustice and political division, activism is needed more than ever. But is a Tweet or Facebook share enough? Meenakshi Parmar discusses… I think it’s fair to define myself as a slacktivist. A classic armchair activist. I will sit at my computer and feel affirmation simply … Read More

Campus Watch: Racial attacks against Strathclyde University’s Student President

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Raj Jeyaraj, the Student President of Strathclyde University in Scotland, has been subject to verbal abuse and threats of violence from anonymous members of the public via email. Raj is Malaysian-born and is the first international student president at Strathclyde University. Since his election in June he has faced a … Read More

Back to the future of fascism

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‘The deeply disillusioned, those intellectually apathetic to neo-liberal conservatism amongst us.’ Maybe not what one would expect when uncovering the core values of those promoting America’s revamped, yet still racist, alternative right. People’s fears, frustrations and anger are certainly at the forefront of far right-wing populist movements across the Western … Read More

Campus Watch: Cambridge University accused of covering up anti-Semitic attacks

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At the end of October in the graduate student union at Cambridge University, three Jewish students wearing kippahs were verbally and physically abused as they were leaving the private party for the sporting societies of Christ’s College. As they were leaving, they were met with a mob that allegedly tried … Read More

Racism towards FLOTUS cannot be ignored

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‘This is not something that we can ignore. It’s not something that we can just sweep under the rug.’ Just a few weeks ago, Michelle Obama stood in front of an audience comprised of hundreds of her advocates, publicly speaking out against sexist, disturbing comments that Donald Trump had allegedly … Read More