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Why you should reconsider pulling that all nighter

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I never thought I’d need to write an article trying to convince people that sleep is good. We’re students – if we have anything in common, it’s sleeping. A 20-minute nap before a lecture, the morning-after 16-hour coma, a 48-hour stint all weekend; whatever your preference, we all share the … Read More

The Rhythm of the Night

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Sitting through another increasingly dull lecture leads many students to plan a beautiful, peaceful nap as soon as they get home – and with good reason. Sleep is a crucial part of the human body’s functionality, despite seeming totally illogical from an evolutionary standpoint. For an animal to switch itself … Read More

Serotonin, tea, and yoga… Getting enough Zzzzzzzz’s

2 years ago / 0 comments

It’s something we all do, even if we tell everyone otherwise. We’re all guilty of doing it when we really aren’t supposed to be and we use it for all sorts of things: as a way of procrastination, a way to curb that boredom, a way to really get away … Read More

Student Mornings: Tired to Wired

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It’s no secret that students are notorious for not getting enough sleep. Emma Purvis looks at student sleep and reveals some tricks you may not have thought of to ensure you catch those precious zzzzzs.   It is no secret that in most lectures there is usually one person slumped … Read More

What is sleep paralysis and why do we get it?

4 years ago / 0 comments

You may have experienced this weird phenomenon yourself. You’re laying on your back asleep and begin to wake, or so you think. You are fully conscious but you can’t move your body. You start to panic. You’re willing something in your body to move but it won’t. After what seems … Read More

LS Answers: Why do we dream?

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If you dream about a baboon, you need to be more expressive with your feelings. To see or eat a bagel whilst dreaming indicates that there is something missing in your life and if you dream about your teeth rotting and falling out, you’re a liar that’s about to be … Read More

Bring Your Own Blanket

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23.11.12 The Union’s long awaited ‘Nap Space’ is being trialled from November 26 – 30 in Extras. With 300 clubs and societies based in its walls and hundreds of people passing through every day, the Union is a place to touch base on campus – to eat, meet, greet, and … Read More