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Chilling Silence: the British Government and the War in Yemen

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‘The Forgotten War’ has been the title given to the ongoing devastation and bloodshed underway in its third year in Yemen. The chilling silence that has consumed much of the British government regarding the conflict can be evidence in a YouGov poll in 2017 by The Independent which found that … Read More

Re living LRFS’ TIME.LESS performance

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This year’s much anticipated 10th anniversary Leeds RAG Fashion Show took the captivating title of ‘TIME•LESS’, a show incorporating the moments in life experienced by all, ones to remember, ones we would rather avoid and ones we would like to revive. These key events in life are ones that fashion … Read More

Presenting the LRFS 10th anniversary theme!

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It’s finally here! After all that waiting and wondering, LRFS have let us in on their 10th anniversary theme: TIME.LESS The name suggests a certain relationship between the ‘iconic’ within fashion and the concept of time itself. We can expect to encounter time as an experience, time as a way … Read More

Poppy Fever

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An increasingly large number of people have decided that the traditional red poppy of remembrance either does not reflect the kind of commemoration they wish to participate in or, in some cases, that the poppy actively symbolises things they dislike about Britain’s past. Here I hope to summarise people’s objections … Read More

Selling war and peace

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It’s that time of year. The long awaited John Lewis Christmas advert has been unveiled and it does not disappoint. The tried and tested John Lewis yuletide formula, of an old song covered by an up-and-coming singer (this year, John Lennon’s ‘Real Love’ sung by Tom Odell) and an endearing … Read More

News | Students turn out for Syria

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On Friday Leeds students marked the third year anniversary of what has become one of the most devastating and bloody internal conflicts of recent history. A host of Leeds Union societies including LUU Save the Children, Friends of Syria from the Leeds University Union and LUU Oxfam joined together to … Read More

Comment | Tony Benn dies – now our generation must carry the gauntlet

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Tony Benn’s personal impact has been enormous. My parents first met at a talk he gave at the University of London Union. As children, my sisters and I were taken to see him speak on many occasions. Growing up, his values, compassion and ideas deeply reinforced my politics. He has … Read More

Photography | Afghanistan: A Distant War

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Image: Robert Nickelsberg, Prestel Publishing A poignant and sometimes disquieting book, ‘Afghanistan: A Distant War’ transports the reader to the infamous war torn country, past the glare of mass western media and deep into the less accessible (and quite frankly dangerous) sections of a society fractured by years of conflict. At … Read More

Comment | Syria? So last week…

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Last week Syria, this week Nigella’s marriage breakdown … Where and who will be in the headlines tomorrow? News stories come and go faster than we can process them. In fact, we are so inundated with news that we don’t know what to do with it. From the comfort of … Read More

Debate | Do WMD help to keep us safe?

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Once again, Weapons of Mass Destruction have been pushed to the forefront of public consciousness. Last week, Iran agreed to scale back their nuclear programme; on December 10th the OPCW will receive this year’s Nobel Peace prize for their work in Syria following president al-Assad’s sarin gas attack on civilians … Read More