100% vegan Halloween treats – We’re not tricking you!

The Vegan Answer to All Your Favourite Treats This Halloween: Best Vegan Halloween Sweets, Cakes & Drinks

Whether you’ve recently begun your vegan journey or you’ve been vegan for a while, you’ll know that Halloween is one of the saddest times of the year, along with Easter, when you have to watch your non-vegan friends and family enjoy all the sweets and goodies while you just observe and cry, right?

Wrong! There are so many amazing vegan treats to enjoy during the Halloween season, from classic biscuits with a spooky twist, to monster-shaped donuts and hot drinks packed with autumnal spices and many of these are right around the corner in the Leeds area.

I’m sure many of you, like me, are annoyed at the fact that it’s not socially acceptable to still go trick-or-treating in your twenties. However, you can keep your inner-child happy with some gelatine-free sweets this Halloween. 

Gelatine-Free Sweets

M&S currently have fizzy bat wings in stock (£1.20) in blackcurrant and cola flavours or pick up some Halloween themed pick’n’mix gummies from Bear & Bee (£4), available on their website or on Amazon. If you’d prefer to support a local, independent business, Simple Candy are based in Kirkstall and sell hard-boiled sweets in yummy flavours like apple pie and cinnamon and ginger and orange (£3.50).

Vegan Chocolate

Are you more of a chocoholic? Have you missed Cadbury’s Creme Eggs since you went vegan? Introducing the blessing that is Mummy Meagz eggs (£0.99). Sold in Holland and Barrett, these Halloween-themed dark-chocolate eggs are filled with a sweet green fondant to replicate slime, perfect for the spooky season. You can also enjoy Asda’s Free From Trick or Treat Bag (£2.50), filled with vegan mylk and white chocolate treats- or if you fancy investing in some luxury chocolates, Hotel Chocolat are selling Wingston the Bat, Dark Boo Box (£8) full of rich individually wrapped chocolates which are 70% cocoa.

Best Bargain Sweets

Don’t want a vegan Halloween to be so spenny? All you bargain hunters can pick up some limited-edition Halloween orange Oreos (£0.50) in Asda or Jammie Dodger’s ‘slime edition’ gooey apple flavoured biscuits (£0.49) in B&Ms. You and your housemates could get in the Halloween mood together by making Asda’s ‘slime’ cupcakes (£2): vanilla sponge with white icing and edible green glitter slime. Simply add your favourite egg-alternative, some oil and water to the ready-made mix. 

Vegan Doughnuts

For more vegan baked goods this Halloween, check out glazedandconfused.uk that are based in Leeds and offer delicious doughnuts (4 for £12) with free delivery to all LS areas! You can also find them at Leftbank Leeds’ Halloween Fiesta on 31st October, selling yummy flavours like pumpkin spice and orange chocolate.

Vegan Hot Drinks

If you’re looking for something to warm you now the weather’s getting a little colder, Starbucks now offer free vegan whipped cream with their Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and Frappuccino’s, and for a Halloween-themed extra, try Dandies gelatine-free orange pumpkin marshmallows (£4.99), available on their website or online at the Vegan Kind Supermarket. Grab a ginger-spiced treat with your hot drink this Halloween with Costa’s new vegan gingerbread skeleton (£1.75) and if you’re more of a tea-drinker you will love Bird & Blend’s seasonal teas in flavours like bonfire toffee and spiced pumpkin chai (£6).

Enjoy Halloween this year with these delicious vegan treats. Whether you’re a tea-lover, prefer coffee, adore chocolate or have a soft-spot for the classic trick-or-treat gummies, there is so much on offer this October for everyone. So next time someone asks you what vegans can have at Halloween, you can give them pumpkin to talk about…

Mixed Box of 4 Vegan Donuts 🌱
Credit: glazedandconfused.uk
Credit: veganfoodandliving.com

Header image credit: Pittsburgh Post Gazette