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Backing the bid: Channel 4 in Leeds

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Leeds joins competition with Birmingham and Manchester to become the new headquarter city for Channel 4. But why should Leeds lead the pack? At a first look when compared with Manchester with ITV or Birmingham, home of BBC Three, Leeds may seem the underdog. But who doesn’t love an underdog? … Read More

Fined €500 For Sitting Somewhere You Shouldn’t

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When you think of Venice, images that immediately spring to mind are the beautiful canals, picturesque buildings, and countless gondolas. What you don’t tend to think of are the 60,000 people who are visiting daily, along with the congested streets and pressing environmental issues which Venice is currently facing. So, … Read More

Day Trips from Leeds

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Are you a first year who needs a break from the tough life of Fresher’s Week? A southerner who’s in desperate need of some northern fun? A final year student who hasn’t yet explored all that Yorkshire has to offer? Never fear. There are so many trips you can take to … Read More

A Backpackers’ Guide: Top Tips on Backpacking

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Do you fancy doing something different from the classical family summer holiday on the beach for a week in an all-inclusive five-star hotel? Do you still like the idea of the luxury hotel, but want to change place over the holiday to discover more places at once and get the … Read More

Things to do over Easter if you’re staying in Leeds over the break

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Beginning to get jealous of all your friends going away this Easter? Don’t fret. Here is your ultimate guide for everything going on in Leeds over the holidays. We’re not in Lonely Planet’s ‘Best Cities’ list for nothing! Kirkstall Abbey – While it may not be the warmest place to … Read More

Prime Spots to Visit During the Easter Break

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Easter is the perfect time to take a mini break especially if deadlines are getting you down. Forget about your dissertation for a few days and enjoy some time off in one of these exciting European destinations. Hamburg Voted the world’s best city for a night out, Germany’s ‘edgiest’ city … Read More

Best Places to Travel this Year

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If you’re growing tired of university deadlines and are already daydreaming about your summer travels, then look closely at the following recommendations.  Let’s start with a classic interrailing destination: Budapest. It certainly satisfies the cliché of cheap and cheerful as there are places you can grab a pint for around … Read More

Soller, Mallorca: A Golden Town

1 year ago / 0 comments

The sun-washed streets of Soller at early evening cast a golden light on a town still rich in its heritage and history, a golden age town. The remarkable yellowness of the landscape, awash with rich ambers and yellows from its many citrus orchards; indeed, citrus fruits and olives were for … Read More

Shanghai: a city of visible progression

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During the months of July and August this year I interned in Shanghai, China. Although it wasn’t my first visit to the world’s most populous city, it highlighted quite how much the city has progressed in recent years. Gone are the dusty streets that previously littered the cities of the … Read More

Montana: America’s Hidden Gem

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Often overlooked for more cosmopolitan and well-known US destinations, the state of Montana is a hidden gem with plenty of beauty and charm for travelers to enjoy and explore. Spending the summer in southwest, Montana has been quite the adventure and has opened my eyes to all that the area … Read More