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Vegan Delights: 3 amazing recipes from the Veg Society

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Now that you’re in university, you most probably are embarking upon a journey of cuisine expertise. Cooking for yourself can be a tiring ordeal, especially at first, when you have no idea what you’re doing, and your only hope is to not burn the kitchen down. However, once you get … Read More

The well-fed student: Stick with the seasons

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If you are eating on a budget, it is always a good idea to eat in season – i.e. produce that’s currently being grown in the UK. Firstly, it’s CHEAPER, as there is a lot of it going spare, and on top of this seasonal fruit and veg are often … Read More

The well-fed student: Christmas leftovers special

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Here are some delicious and healthy ideas for using up the turkey and ham leftover from Christmas day; balancing out the inevitable over-indulgence of the festive season, and leaving you feeling light and nourished. If you are a vegetarian, you can substitute the turkey for your Christmas meat substitute, and … Read More

Food | The alternative guide to Shrove Tuesday

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Picture the scene: it’s March the fourth and you’ve invited all your mates round for an evening of stuffing your faces with underdone Yorkshire pudding mix, doused in whatever you can scavenge from the back of the communal cupboard. But wait, you remember at the last minute that one of your … Read More

Lifestyle | Brain food to help you through the essay and revision period

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Balancing revision and a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, as it’s far too easy to opt for a frozen pizza rather than put the effort into cooking from scratch when the all-important exam period is looming.Yet as delicious as frozen pizzas can be, making your own meals and choosing certain … Read More

Food | Gingerbread Lad – Serving Up Summer

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What better way to spend the long weeks away from studying, than cooking up some treats to enjoy on a (hopefully) hot summer’s day? Breakfast – Avocado and Tomato on Toast Toast doesn’t have to be boring and only served with the classic beans or butter. The sun’s out so … Read More