3 Easy Noodle Dishes

If you’re someone that practically lives off pasta, then why not try expanding your range of carbs. There is more to noodles than just a pot noodle, or super noodles (not that these aren’t tasty). Noodles can be extremely easy to make, and these recipes will give you a range of delicious, cheap, and quick ways of expanding your carb cooking. I know that supermarket stir fry kits can be very tempting, but I promise that these dishes will be much more satisfying. All recipes below are either vegetarian or vegan but can be adjusted easily.  

1. Simple Soy (serves 1) 

This dish requires the least amount of ingredients and effort. This is my go-to recipe for a quick meal.


One packet of “Straight to wok” noodles (or dry noodles slightly softened in boiling water) 

Half a white onion

1 clove of garlic/ ½tsp ready chopped 

Half a bell pepper (cubed) 

Soy sauce (2tbsp/adjust to taste)

Olive oil (or any you have)

Black pepper


5 florets of broccoli chopped into small pieces 

Sesame seeds 


First, heat 1tbsp of oil in a frying pan at medium heat. Then, dice half of a white onion (place the other half in a sealed container for 7-10 days!) and add to the oil. Stir the onion to make sure it doesn’t burn.

Once the onion is translucent, add the garlic, peppers, and broccoli, and any veg you might want. Turn the heat up slightly and stir fry the veg until mostly softened, as you still want some crunch. 

Add the noodles and stir fry for a minute before adding about two tablespoons of soy sauce and stir fry for a further minute until dry. Transfer to a plate, top with a bit of black pepper, and enjoy!

2. Reliable Ramen (serves 1 very hungry student)

This is slightly more complicated than the first dish, but it’s worth it! This is the dish that’ll warm your cockles on a cold Yorkshire morning. 


1 half white onion (leftover from previous recipe)

2 cloves of garlic 

1 half a carrot (chop thin pieces for quick cooking) 

1 spring onion 

Handful of spinach/chopped cabbage/bok choy 

Red chilli flakes (to taste)

Vegetable oil 

One vegetable stock cube

Soy sauce (1tbsp)

1 nest of dry noodles 


5 florets of broccoli chopped into small pieces 

Miso paste (2tbsp)

1 egg (optional)


Chop all the veg to make the assembly of the dish quick and easy. Next pour 500ml of boiling water into a jug and add the stock cube, soy sauce, and miso paste if using, stir until combined. 

Heat a small amount of oil in a saucepan (low heat). Add the onion, garlic, chilli flakes to the oil and fry until fragrant but not browned. Add the stock liquid and bring to a boil. Once boiling, add the hard veg you are using and reduce heat to medium and leave for 8 minutes (if you are using cabbage and/or egg, add these now).

After 7 minutes, remove the egg and place in a bowl of cold water (if using make sure to peel before serving). Now you’ll want to add your noodles and spring onions and simmer until noodles soften.

Before serving, add the spinach and stir until wilted (if using). Serve into a large bowl, use tongs for the noodles, and ladle in as much soup as desired. Top with chilli flakes, black pepper, and egg (halved).

3. Practical Pad Thai (serves 2)

Out of all the dishes this is my favourite. This one is a fairly simple Pad Thai, but is immensely flavoursome. This dish works best as vegetarian, but if vegan just don’t add the egg and use Udon noodles.


1 whole white onion (finely diced)

2 spring onions 

3 cloves of garlic 

1 carrot (julienned/thinly sliced) 

Cooking oil – Sesame wok oil (1tbsp)

Chilli flakes (to taste)

Sesame seeds 

Two handful of peanuts roughly chopped (unsalted)

2 nests of dry egg noodles 

Fresh beansprouts (canned if more convenient) 

1 large egg 


Juice ½ Lime (half for garnish)

Soy sauce (4tbsp)

Rice wine vinegar (2tbsp)

Brown sugar (2tsp)

Sriracha (1-1½ tbsp)

Tamarind sauce (1½ tbsp)


Place the noodles in a jug of boiling water to soften. In a large pan/wok heat the oil at medium heat. Then in a small bowl, add sauce ingredients and whisk to combine. 

Once the oil is hot, add the onion and carrot, frying for 1 minute. Add the garlic and continue to stir to avoid burning. After 6 minutes add noodles, sliced spring onion (leave some for garnish), and beansprouts. 

After 2 minutes, add the sauce and use tongs to toss the noodles. Move the noodles to the side of the pan add sesame seeds to lightly toast, then and add the eggs to the empty side of the pan. Stir the eggs for 1 minute, and just before they reach a soft scramble mix them into the noodles.

Plate noodles and garnish with spring onion, raw beansprouts (if desired), lime wedges, and chopped peanuts.

Bon Appetit! 

Anushka Searle