#LeashLUU 2020: Which Dog Would You Like to Self-Isolate With?

Several weeks into lockdown and with most of the editorial team having moved back home for the time-being, there’s one group of individuals who have certainly enjoyed everyone being stuck at home with no choice but to take them on walks and cuddle them all day long.

Therefore we decided to do a little competition to brighten up your spirits between the team. So without further ado, please browse below and vote in our own very exclusive election for which dog you’d most like to self-isolate with.

An Unconventional Self-Care Guide

As the term limps on, it is easy to feel a bit disillusioned. A bit like university is pulling you along by your ankles and you have no choice but to limp alongside, exhausted, academically confused and having succumbed to the frozen pizza diet more than you’re willing to let on.
Perhaps deadlines are on the horizon, social plans, job applications. And yet, for all this looking ahead, you feel you’ve left yourself somewhere behind.