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Sweet Like Hunee for Halloween – Review

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As part of a scary weekend special, the renowned DJ, Hunee, frightened the crowds of Mint Warehouse for a very wicked night. A spooky Saturday 27th October saw Hunee, Jayda G & DJ Fett Burger frighten Mint Warehouse with a supple variety of disco, house and techno. Habitually, the venue … Read More

Timeline Tampering: Can Filmmakers Reset the Clock?

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Everybody loves a good film franchise. Star Wars (excluding the prequels), the MCU, even Harry Potter, have been praised by fans and critics alike for their (relatively) consistent quality. Meanwhile the fans of older franchises such as Terminator, have not been so fortunate. Yet, the release of Halloween last month … Read More

Campus Watch: Halloween Special

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St Andrews Founded in 1413, St Andrews is Scotland’s oldest university. Over 400 locations in the city of St Andrews are reportedly haunted, and the University is no exception. Rumours of the White Lady, St Andrews’ most notorious ghost, have circulated for over 200 years. Sightings are most commonly reported … Read More

Survey Names Leeds UK’s Third-Largest ‘Halloween Hotspot’

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Leeds is renowned for the Otley Run, a fancy-dress pub crawl encompassing 16 different venues. But does the city’s love of dressing up extend to Halloween? My brother just told mum he’s doing the Otley Run on Halloween and she said ‘aw I’m so proud I’ll sponsor you’ actually pissing … Read More

Halloween Weekend Watchlist

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In preparation for Halloween next Wednesday, Matthew Moorey gives a rundown of the best scary films to watch this weekend. It’s getting towards the end of October, autumn is in full swing, which means Halloween is creeping up on us once again. But not everybody enjoys going out in their … Read More

Easy and Affordable DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

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With Halloween creeping up and little time or money to prepare for it, we’ve got you covered with six DIY and affordable Halloween costumes for whatever look you’re going for, be it sexy or spooky.   1. Sexy Scarecrow Some form of makeup palette (ask your flatmates if necessary) Old … Read More

5 Must-See Halloween Films

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With Halloween fast approaching, here are a few must-see Halloween films… 1. IT – 2017 IT is an American supernatural horror film directed by Argentinean director, Andy Muschietti. This is the first of a two-part film adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 killer clown novel. This terrifying clown movie, about a shape-shifting … Read More

DIY Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

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Izzie Ghaffari-Parker shows you how to dress up as your favourite characters from 2018’s Movie and TV, using items you can re-wear even after October 31st. Donna and the Dynamos from Mamma Mia 2 Potentially one of the most hotly anticipated sequels was released this summer, and everyone from our … Read More

Editor’s Letter, Issue 3 – ‘Trick or Trick’ and why Halloween Sucks

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Dear readers, It’s been a slow news week. My predecessor, Reece Parker, was too busy congratulating himself on the size of his skinny, hairless thighs to prepare me for the inevitable writer’s block which accompanies the Editor’s Letter circa Issue 3. But if there’s one thing Reece prepared me for, … Read More

Union Condemned For Cultural Appropriation

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Leeds University Union have been plunged into controversy regarding their Halloween event, which, despite being marketed as ‘The Living Dead Festival’, was populated by decorations emblazoned with the phrase ‘Day of The Dead’. This has provoked accusations of cultural appropriation from some members of the student body, who feel that the … Read More