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Dealing With Homesickness at University

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The countless hours spent drinking, partying, meeting new people can be overwhelming when you are at uni. Your newfound independence away from home can slowly start to fade away and that little homesick part of your brain that was earlier suppressed by copious amounts of alcohol is resurfacing. You are … Read More

The damaging impact of ‘What I eat in a day’ videos

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As a generation, there’s no doubt about it, we’re impressionable. Every word that flickers across our screen holds the potential to plant a seed of doubt in our minds. So it’s logical to be afraid of pseudo-professional nutrition advice; attractive twenty somethings pottering around their kitchen and telling us how … Read More

The Happy Guide to getting up early

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However far you are into your degree, you probably haven’t quite nailed the process of getting up early and being productive. Lauren gives you some easy tips on how to make the dreaded alarm clock just a little bit more bearable… With longer, lighter days bringing us into the summer, … Read More

My life in targeted ads

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Ever wondered why the internet shows you adverts for things you’re sure you don’t need? Edmund gives us an insight into the life adverts think he should be leading… The world grows darker. We fret over increased surveillance, the capacity to store our information, and the freakish accuracy of online … Read More

Have a Truly Healthy New Year

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“New Year, New Me”. You adopt a mocking tone when you say it, because deep down, you know the resolutions made now will be forgotten by February. And yet, you still put yourself through it. You still insist that you will go to the gym every day, you will eat … Read More

"Wellness did not serve me well" – the pitfalls of clean eating

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So called ‘Wellness’ bloggers such as Ella Woodward and the Hemsley Sisters have turned the clean eating craze into an immensely profitable industry. Recently, this trend has attracted backlash, especially from medical experts. A recent BBC3 documentary also spoke out against the potentially dangerous health myths perpetuated by these bloggers. … Read More

How to live the ‘Hygge’ Life

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Last week for In the Middle, I wrote about how to deal with the stresses of university life, discussing ways to relax and just taking time to do the things you love. This got me thinking back to my summer abroad course in Denmark that I completed a couple of … Read More

Veganism – Fad or Future?

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The Gryphon explores the possible growth of veganism in 2016, the use of it as a fad diet as well as an environmental action. For many, New Year’s symbolises the turning over of a new leaf, the promise of new resolutions, and the belief in finally changing your life for … Read More

Lifestyle | Caribbean Festival of Arts and Culture

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One week ahead of the August bank holiday weekend, the carnival spirit was already spicing up as Leeds’ first Caribbean Festival of Arts and Culture took place at the Corn Exchange on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th August. The free event, run by Leeds Corn Exchange veteran, Dean Cuffy, saw the … Read More

TV | Freeview Flicks of the week – Star Trek, The Raid and Ghostbusters

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Our weekly LSi best freeview flicks picks are here! This week we take a trip on the USS Enterprise, kick some arse and call up the ghost busters! MONDAY – Star Trek (Film4 21:00) In 2009, the very talented J.J.Abrams did something very remarkable; he made Star Trek, a franchise … Read More