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Five Things You Need in Your Wardrobe This Winter

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Winter is upon us yet again, and that age-old question has resurfaced – should I even make an effort in this weather? Is it too cold to be cute? No! Is our answer. We’re here with concrete proof that winter clothes can be every bit as fun as summer clothes, … Read More

Staying in Leeds over Christmas? Top 5 Things to Do in the Break

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With the Christmas tunes already infiltrating most public spaces, it’s hard to ignore the festive season. Whilst most of you will be heading home to connect with loved ones and family, some of us live too far, can’t afford the transport home or shudder at the thought of having their … Read More

Warming Winter Recipes

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Soups are one of the best ways to continue getting enough nutrients in winter, when salads and lighter vegetable dishes lose their appeal in favour of warm, hearty meals. The grid below offers thousands of variations on one basic soup recipe, so you will never run out of ideas. Start … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Elevated Elegance – The Ski Style Guide

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‘Tis the season to be skiing, so why not explore the best ways to keep yourself feeling warm and looking cool as you take to the slopes this winter? It doesn’t have to be a case of function over fashion with these striking pieces, so go and get schussing in … Read More

The 4 Best Puffer Jackets

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December is Cold. December in Leeds is especially cold. Despite years of battling our parents throughout high school, adamant that we didn’t need a coat, I think it’s time that we finally accept that a good winter coat is a necessity. Students of Leeds are in luck, for the somewhat … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: How to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model!

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As the months begin to get colder, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one we all look forward to watching, and we all hope and dream of looking like the angels one day. Well, this year we can, as they’ve collaborated with Max Factor who will be creating the make … Read More

Welfare at Leeds: How to beat winter SADness

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Health and Wellbeing Intern Martha discusses the problems that the winter months can bring, and who you can turn to get advice. The winter months can present us with pressures that impact on how well you feel able to cope with personal, academic and financial pressures. This is especially true … Read More

Top 5: The best things about winter

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Love it or loathe it, you can’t deny that there’s just something magical about winter. Hannah Snutch gives a run down of her favourite things about the season. It’s already started: the bitter cold mornings, dark skies, the endless Snapchat stories documenting snowfall. Winter is truly underway. With 2016 predicted … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: 5 Must-Have Coats Under £50!

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This autumn style and warmth doesn’t need to cost more than your weekly budget… in fact, although we’ve selected the top 5 coats for you, there’s so many more it’s pretty much a perfect excuse to stop working and start internet shopping. The Puffa Jacket For £25.99, this sassy red … Read More

Beauty: Winter Skin Guide

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Summer is over and the colder months are here. Maybe you want to prepare your skin for winter with some skincare tips or maybe you want to know how to achieve the faux-no-makeup skin look that you seemed to don all summer without even trying. Gabrielle Bentley shows how you … Read More