“There Was Nothing For People Who Came From a Working-Class Background”: Catheryne Sturgess-Fairbairn on Setting Up A Society For Lower-Class Students

Despite their visible drives towards inclusivity and diversity, university campuses are no stranger to excluding working-class students. Buildings named after members of elite families, expensive shops and disparate accommodations are just a few of the features of university life which can make students from low-income backgrounds feel like they don’t belong at their chosen institute of learning. But is Leeds any different in this trend? I met with Catheryne Sturgess-Fairbairn, a 2ndyear politics student at the University of Leeds, to find out her thoughts.

Is the New Union Co-Op Too “Bougie”?

The ‘champagne socialist’ archetype has always had a long time association with students. The idea that we’re a bunch of middle class, Starbucks-craving, hummus-sucking, avocado-worshipping slacktivists waiting in the queue for a £5 bowl of quinoa has a long history.